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January 1, 2010

Social Networking: Technology Makes Us Lonely?

When I was about six years old, my mother bought me my first diary. It was black and red, and it was mine to write in. I was allowed to write whatever I wanted in it, and she promised that she would never, ever read it. I took that diary home; that day began my longtime love affair with writing. I loved that I had a space, a private, secret place, where I could write everything and anything I wanted, and no one would ever know.

Fast-forward about twenty years, and the world has done a complete 180. Gone are the days of people hiding their journals between their mattress and box spring, or under the bed, or the back of their sock drawer. Teenage girls aren’t squealing at their little brothers for reading their diary entries aloud at family dinner. Why? Because these days, there’s no longer a need.

When the technology revolution made it possible for everyone to escape into their own little worlds, the inevitable happened: people found it lonely. Out of this lonely feeling came websites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, FmyLife and MLIA. People are logging on to share their weekend stories, sonogram photos, embarrassing situations and random ninja encounters. People post details of their hookups and breakups, drunken errors and whimsical fantasies. They get upset if their friends don’t instantly “friend” them, “like” their status and comment on their photos.

I suppose, in an attempt to make us all independent and tech-savvy, our technology has really made us realize that we really do need each other. We need each other to listen to our stories, look at our pictures, laugh at our misfortunes and wish us luck for everything from first dates to going into labour. As for me? Well, as much as I do truly love and admit to having a Facebook profile, you will have to rip my diary from my cold, dead hands. Some things weren’t meant to be shared!

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