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February 4, 2011

Simple Earth Day Acts That You Can Do Everyday

While no one act can save the planet, a bunch of little acts can contribute to the efforts to maintain environmental homeostasis. By doing just a few easy acts every day, you can help make the planet a better place.

Recycling is a very simple act that we can do to help easy the destruction of the earth. If you have a recycling program in your hometown be sure that you are using the recycling bins and taking the few seconds it takes to separate your garbage. The time issue just doesn’t fly when it comes to recycling. I keep a paper bag handy next to the garbage can and toss all of my recyclables into as I am cooking. On the morning when I need to take it out to the curb, I can just grab the bag and toss it into the bin.

Find out if the company you work for recycles. The company I work for does not recycle but my center does. We found a recycling center in town that picks up our recyclables every two weeks for free! We were shocked to find out that there was a company that would do this for no charge at all so we did not have to get it approved through corporate or find a way to pay for it. DO some research and find out if there is some type of incentive program for recycling in your town. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Water is a precious resource that we take for granted. There are some places in the world that could run into a major water shortage sometime in the near future. Whether or not your community is on the future water shortage list or not, you should do your part by conserving water. Do the simple things like not running the water continuously when brushing your teeth or running just enough water to wash dishing in and rinse them swiftly.

Buy clothing from resale shops or make them yourself. I am not much for clothes shopping so this one is easy for me. My mom and I have a habit of recycling my two sisters’ clothing and shoes. When I can not find nice items to supplement my wardrobe in my loved ones’ closets, I check out local resale shops. Not only will you be able to cut down on the natural resources that are used to make clothing, you will also be able to save a ton of money. I have to wear suits to work so buying from resale shops save me an enormous amount of money.

Use recycled paper, send e-mails and use the take the envelopes out of the junk ail you get and use them. I am a writer and I can not really proofread well on a screen. The means that I have to print things off to read them. I use both sides of the paper and shred it when I am done. Then I toss the paper strips into the recycle bin.

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