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June 7, 2008

Should Iran Surrender Their Nuclear Program?

Israel might attack Iran if they do not suspend their nuclear program. The United States has ordered Iran to stop their nuclear program. I am very confused about why the United States and Israel feel like they have the right to tell other countries what they should do. Why is it okay for some countries to have nuclear operations but not for others? Isn’t there a possibility that the nuclear operation is truly being used for energy like they say it is? What is Israel attacks and Iran is really only using nuclear energy for good things.? Then there will be another war raged on false pretenses. Surely the world does not need that.

A few weeks ago I was watching the news and I saw the Evangelical church is joining hands with Jews. At first I thought, wonderful, beautiful, because I really love to see different faiths come together and take part in one another’s religion. Then the story went on and my joy ceased. Apparently there are a few Evangelical churches that see the Iranian president as the devil. This was a joining point for the Jews and the Evangelicals. Come on folks, we are smarter than that right? Just because someone is not Christian or Jewish it does not make them evil. It also does not make them a mastermind war monger either.

The Jewish Muslim conflict is one that spans a long history but I really just do not understand why the hatred has to be endless. Why is there not a way to fix this terrible wound on mankind? Surely there is a way for everyone to coexist and get some of what they want.

As far as the nuclear program goes, other countries have them. The United States is one of them. He assumption is that the United States knows what to do with nuclear energy and even though everyone knows that the country possesses weapons of mass destruction, the United States think that they know what to do with them. Well, isn’t it possible that other countries, including Iran, are truly trying to grow their nuclear energy program for good purposes. Everyone knows that there is a major energy crisis. Perhaps they are working on ways to cope with that.

I hope and pray there no other countries are invaded because of what someone thinks tat they are doing. I mean, without proof there is no reason to even consider invading someone’s country. Israel needs to reevaluate what they are saying and doing right now before more people end up dead. As an ally, the United States needs to ask Israel to step down and stop these threats. Let’s try to be grown ups and wait for something definite before murdering people. War is not the answer to this question. Come up with a better solution and try that before starting yet another war. Zimbabwe is in shambles. If anyone wants to intrude on another country, that is the place to go, not Iran.

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