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July 8, 2008

Should Brooke Bennett`s Mother Face Charges?

I am a firm believer in not trusting children to be in the company of questionable characters. You could be a good person now, but if you have some type of history of child abuse, you should not have any contact with minors. Somehow, two men, one of which was a convicted sex offender were allowed contact with Brooke Bennett. Now I know that her mother can not be blamed for the final actions of Michael Jacques and Ray Gagnon but both of these men are being questioned in her daughter’s death. These are two men that are accused of having sex with the 14 year old girl that broke the case.

What is the mother’s responsibility in this case? Brooke’s stepfather had child porn on his computer and has admitted to having sex with a child. Brooke’s uncle was trying to initiate her into a sick sex ring? What the heck was going on with the men in Brooke’s mother’s life?

The uncle may face the death penalty with the kidnap charges alone. Even if he is not charged with anything else he could be put to death and who more deserving. In my opinion, there is little to no rehabilitation for people that molest children. I only leave the possibility of rehab open just because I like to be optimistic about things but really, I think that rehab in such cases is a lost cause.

So does Brooke’s mom share any of the blame for this crime against her daughter? Absolutely. As a parent it is important to makes sure that you keep your children safe. If you are dealing with people that have child pornography on their televisions or sex offender charges in their past you know that your children are in danger. If something should happen to your child you should be punished right along with them people that caused the actual hurt.

I think that if it turns out that Brooke’s mother had any knowledge of the child pornography or ex offenses of her ex-husband or Brooke’s uncle, she should face charges as well. We need to hold all of the parties responsible in this case accountable. She was Brooke’s mother and if she knew that these men wee dangerous, she deserves a sentence of her own.

Over all, I think that children that are molested by people that their parents know are sex offenders and still allow them access to their children should be punished. I don’t care how much you think you are in love or how much you love family members, if they hurt children then you simply can not have them in your child’s life. This to me is a no-brainer. Child molesters hurt children and they can not be trusted to not hurt your child just because they are “rehabilitated”.

Is there really a group of adult men in Vermont waiting to have sex with innocent young girls? Gosh I hope not. Hopefully these two monsters are the only members in this terrible child molesting and possibly murderous sex ring.

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