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June 11, 2008

Shooting Mystery Rocks Small Town

There are places where people do not lock their doors or pull the shades ever. Place as where everyone knows everyone else and children can walk into the woods and come out unharmed. However, if we are honest with ourselves, there really aren’t any places like that in the world. No matter where you live there is just no telling what type of predator is waiting in the wings.

Taylor Dawn Paschal-Placker, 13 and Skyla Jade Whitaker, 11 were shot and no one knows why. A 14,000 reward has been put out for information leading to the killer. Taylor had a sleepover planned at her house for Sunday night. The two girls were strolling down a rural county road around five in the evening, nothing out of the ordinary for two girls in rural Oklahoma. When they did not return home after a call to Taylor’s cell phone, Taylor’s grandfather, went out looking for them. He found them shot in the head and chest lying side by side in a ditch. There were multiple gunshots.

Weleetka, Oklahoma is a town with only about 1,000 residents. Taylor and Skyla were the other girls in their fifth and sixth grade classes. This is a crime that none of the residents of the town were ready for. These type of things don’t happen here, they all say, but it did happen.

The shooting took place on a secluded county road leading investigators to believe that this was done by someone local. That of course, makes things even scarier for residents because that means that someone that they know committed this crime. Some person that grew up along side other residents of the town and watch these two young girls grow up may have committed this crime.

Small town America does not heal well from such crimes. That false sense of security I hard to come by and when it is shattered, it is nearly impossible to et back. The police will surely exhaust every path possible to get the killer of these two young girls. Parents in the town will find themselves keeping their children just a little bit closer. Doors will be locked and blinds will be closed. The circulation of fear will float about the town until there is an arrest.

Of course, an arrest in this type of crime usually leads to more pain. If this shooting was committed by one of their own, then the monster lives within the town. They were there when the monster was created and all of them will wonder why they did not see it coming and what part they played in making the person the carried out this senseless crime. What would be the purpose of killing two young girls that had not even made it to their teen years? Who had that much hatred in their hearts? This is one of those crimes that won’t be resolved even after the killer is caught because there is just not justification for murdering to little girls. There will be no peace for this little Oklahoma town.

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