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January 25, 2011

Selling Sex: The Way To Get Fame and Fortune?

Well, of course it is. There is no question that a former call girl and aspiring singer has found her way to fame. Ashley Dupre is on her way to some type of fame and possibly fortune after her affair with New York governor Elliot Spitzer. I am not judging her for her actions, I know that life can be tough and when we are young we all do stupid things, but I do have to question a culture that seems to enjoy the charade she is in. Right now with the adrenaline still fresh, the flood of Internet searching for Dupre and the downloading of her music, it may seem like this is going to be a good thing for her in the long run. There have already been offers for interviews with interviewers offering tons of money. All of a sudden an aspiring singer is getting a huge amount of exposure.

This may come as a shock, but I feel a little bit sorry for Dupre. Why? Well, because she wanted to be a singer. That was her dream and she felt, for whatever reason, that she had to turn to a high priced prostitution job to take care of herself. I am not a fan of sex trade jobs but I don’t look down on those that choose to work in those fields, but I wonder, is it worth it? Sex is something that I think is intimate and desires are very subjective. I mean, if you can say to me that you never did anything that you did not want to do and that you enjoyed your job, I would say, okay. But I find it hard to believe that most sex trade workers are doing what they want to do in life. I have a job where I occasionally have to come in an hour earlier than usual or I have to rush to answer a phone when I am in the middle of something but if they started telling me what I had to do with my body, I would not be able to work there.

Why is a story about a call girl sleeping with a married governor such a big story? Why do we reward such behavior? Why are people searching for this girl on Myspace and Facebook and requesting that she be their “friend”? All we know about this girl is that she is an aspiring singer and a call girl. While she is a very attractive young lady and a fair amount of the population places great emphasis on looks, I am saddened by this reaction.

The message that this sends is that selling yourself, literally is the way to go. If you are attractive and are willing to have sex for money and are used by a powerful guy to satisfy whatever type of sexual desires he has outside of his marriage, you are an important person and everyone wants to engage you. Well, I haven’t heard the songs or seen the social networking website pages and I’m going to keep it that way. Sleeping with politicians for money or otherwise, is common uninteresting news. Those that are eager to get info on this girl should really get a life.

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