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February 5, 2011

Self- Seeking Prophecy

I have been subject to change my entire life. I have developed an uncanny sense of versatility- always wanting to try something new and exciting. I’ve wanted to open the door to my untapped reservoir of potential just waiting to be unearthed; nurtured.

I’ve dug deep within myself to uproot all of my demons and negative patterns associated with a stagnant form of existence. I’ve cherished the moments in which my joys paints the rainbow of my coiled serpent that flexes its muscles up and down my spine. I’ve allowed myself to rejoice in the fact that I have come to terms with my past and accept the lessons that schooled me.

It’s been a stimulating journey, one in which I’ve dedicated my very survival to embracing the universal truths of life. And even in my own triumph I have fallen prey to my ego’s lure into a façade of tempting promises. I’ve reconciled my feelings with this deceptive collogue, managing to overcome the perplex foundation on which my alter ego dwells.

And amidst my wounded belief structure I have created a spirited name to which I entice the winds to utter. I float on a mere concept. I visualize the rivers enveloped with blood from a thousand sky burials- the rites of passage into ascension.

What lurked in my neocortex spun me into equilibrium- I was able to integrate all levels of awareness – attuning my voice box to what really mattered in life. Who ever said that pain wasn’t worth it didn’t truly extract the opportunity beneath its glossed surface.  

I felt my esteem relax into a primordial awakening, compelling my taste buds to submerge my identity far beyond my five senses- I had been asleep at the wheel of question for too long. My teeth began to scrape the corners of my belligerent attempts at domination- I thought if I controlled the outcome I could skip the process altogether- what an erroneous thing to contemplate.

I feared my own contradictive nature. I prefigured a shootout before the gun had a chance to erupt. I was blinded by glitter that fell from the Dogon skies and moonlit constellations. I remembered a burden older than antiquity and smoother than limestone. I found an inner merchant who persuaded my nightmares to deliberate my unconscious movements – I wanted to recall the bump in the night before the horizon had a chance to settle. 

I lifted my breast bone in resonance with a eulogy that I wrote for my final breath- I inhaled the floral stationary with hunger, I could hear the percussion play with ease.

I crossed a threshold into the oceanic belly of my forefather’s plight- I journeyed with them through a myriad of expression; a design in which the flawless imprints God remain solitary. I invoked a presence that stirred within the crevices of no mans land. I had stumbled upon a vortex that inspired me with a euphoric desire to resurrect my body mind and spirit in total alignment with the divine spark of creation.

I had opened Pandora’s Box and forgotten jewels surfaced in my cellular memories and I reclaimed my will to freedom and I found what I had been looking for all along- myself.

Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers  -April 5, 2008

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