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January 16, 2011

Who’s Image Is It Anyways? (The Truth Behind Body Image)

Ok we’ve all felt that slight discomfort when looking into the mirror. We prod and probe our stomach area, love handles and butt cheeks; always looking for something that doesn’t fit, work or match. We con our thoughts into thinking that our body image is insufficient to that of the images portrayed throughout society.

But the question remains, ” Whose Image Is It Anyways?”.

With all the diet fads and TV commercials about losing weight, it’s no wonder people are feeling down about their bodies and the way they look and feel about themselves. We are being sold an artificial image, an unrealistic standard of how we should look.

From the airbrushed magazine covers to the anorexic runway models, this image is being thrusted upon society in the most demeaning and superficial way.

Everyone becomes so engrossed with their appearances that in the process they forget to love themselves. Instead of being concerned with a healthy self -concept, we are now being challenged with images that do not match our true nature.

The consciousness of Western Society has become dependant upon the outside approval of what others think. Even if we don’t admit to it, the imapact remains on a subconscious level.

When we watch beauty commercials, they always tell you in a subliminal way that you can only achieve beautiful skin with our products, or white teeth with this toothpaste. Subconsciously we take on the silent meaning, as in we are defective in some way without these products, as if we are lacking in some form or another. This has become the silent killer of self- esteem.

We no longer look into the mirror and think or say loving things to our bodies, rather it’s the exact opposite. We are always fixating ourselves with what “appears” to be wrong and on a subconscious level we begin to accept that we are not good enough for ourselves- let alone to the rest of the world.

It’s not just a female problem; it’s everybody, women, men and our youth. This has become a rampant disease and the worst thing is that the standard we are trying so hard to live up to is not even our image nor is it realistic- it’s an artificial belief of how we ” should” look- rather than just accept who we are.

What is really important is self – acceptance and self- approval, without these elements we will always feel inadequate about our bodies and how we feel about ourselves.

If we cannot look in the mirror and genuinely say ” I love you” (please do not confuse with conceit or ego) but from an authentic stance with imperfections and all, we rob ourselves of what we deserve to feel.

We deserve to feel good about ourselves inwardly in order to accept and approve of ourselves outwardly. This is one of the hugest lessons facing humankind right now, self- acceptance and self- approval- all stemming from self- love.

What is body image? A projection of your thoughts and beliefs, essentially what you make of it. No one can define your true beauty externally because true beauty begins from within. True radiance illuminates from within and extends outwards, outshining the “model” type illusion.

Our difference’s is what makes us beautiful and unique.

So accept yourself unconditionally and soon you shall discover the world around you doing the same, but not the other way around- because it’s your inner reflection that really matters, not someone else’s rigid beliefs or standards of what your body ” should” look like.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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