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August 15, 2011

Whispers of Security Breach in Canadian Government

Maxime Bernier, former Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, has resigned in the midst of allegations that he left top secret documents at his former girlfriend’s house for five weeks. The scandal began with the fact that Julie Couillard, Bernier’s ex-girlfriend, who has ties, including marriage to bike gang members, has revealed that documents that should have been kept secret were at her home.

The House leader, Peter Van Loan says that no high security information was revealed in the documents and that most of it could be accessed by the public. Bernier offered to resign after the story hit the news. This comes on the tail end of speculation as to Bernier’s fitness for the office after it was revealed that he once dated Couillard.

There are many questions in the wake of this resignation. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was constantly stating that Bernier’s private life had nothing to do with the job. However, it seems that a man that has close associates that may be tied to organized crime might not make a good Foreign Affairs Minister. The fact that he was put in this position brings up questions about the appointment of Bernier.

This is a good lesson for Bernier and all of those that share their beds with people that may come back to bite them. Be wary of those with shady dealings in their past. People change but not often. Coulliard is an attractive woman but look at what she is doing to Bernier now? Her former boyfriend has resigned and is being scorned and blacklisted because of her revelations. Coulliard was looking for money for her story and she credits herself with showing that Bernier was incompetent.

Now Coulliard is going around Canada telling everyone that Bernier ruined her life and that the media ruined her career It is likely that she will find some place to sell her story and spill the juicy bits of she and Bernier’s relationship. As for Bernier, a man whose competence was in question, he is now proven to be inappropriate for the appointment he was given.

Over the next few weeks the details of this political scandal will unravel. We will find out if Coulliard’s home was bugged and if the RCMP was looking into her background before the scandal hit. What we probably won’t learn is what was going through Stephen Harper’s mind when he decided that Bernier was the perfect person for the appointment of Foreign Affairs Minister.

Last month a trip to Afghanistan left Bernier with the notion that the governor of Kandahar should be removed. After that Bernier promised help to Myanmar after the cyclone hit in the form of the new C-17 transports. The only problem with that was that the new C-17 transports were not available. To accommodate the promise Canada had to rent cargo planes from Russia. These are moves that a more skilled politician would not have made. These incidents coupled with the revelations that Bernier’s former girlfriend is providing the media, fortify questioning of why Bernier was the Foreign Affiar Minister in the first place.

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