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July 7, 2008

Second Amendment Provides Handy Suicide Tool

It seems that my theory about having a gun makes you more likely to use it is true. In the last 20 years more suicides have been committed with guns kept in the home than homicides from defending the homestead. Some may look at this research and try to say that the people that committed suicide would have found another way to do it if they did not have a firearm in the home. However, suicide is often an impulsive act. One that would not be committed if the means was not present.

So, 55 percent of the 31,000 firearm deaths in the United Stats in 2005 were suicides. This is a statistic that seems to be kept in the dark most of the time because very few people want to recognize that suicide is an issue. Suicide is one of those quiet killers that we overlook on the Center for Disease Control and prevention list.

The statistics from 2005 are not a phenomenon. It seems that during the past 20 years suicides have accounted for more of the deaths by handguns than homicides are. Meaning that they are often used as a very convenient means of ending one’s life. This comes as no surprise to me. In a world where tragedy can strike at a moments notice, there are many reasons for people to think that it is too hard to go on.

The stock market need on plunge deeply one day for an investor to lose everything that they have worked for. A meeting at work can end a career that has spawned decades without any previous notice. A lover can announce that they are leaving without trying to work out the problems of the relationship. There are days that you can wake up and everything that you were so sure about evaporates right before you eyes. On those days when life seems like it will never be livable again, it I can be hard to recognize that the sun will rise the next day. That cold night, in the confines of a quiet home a warm gun is often the only answer many people can come up with.

So the Supreme Court has done a great injustice to the citizens of this nation. As the July 4th holiday comes around we should all take the time to ask ourselves if we really want to continue to have this legacy of hate and violence weaved so deeply into or identities. Having a gun in your home does not make you any safer and not having one may save the life of someone you love.

No matter what the National Rifle Association says, the research is there to show that guns are more often used on those that own them, than on intruders. Yes, there is always a chance that there will be a break in but there is more of a chance that there will not be. Trust that whatever is meant to happen will happen, no matter what you try to do to prevent it. Live life without the fear of home invasion or the threat of a gun being your last resort when life takes an ugly turn.

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