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February 19, 2011

What is Going on Next Door? Is There Ways To Spot A Neighbor Like Josef Fritlz?

There are horror flicks where groups of twenty some things drive off into the countryside and are held captive by savage, masochistic lunatics. It is movies like Texas Chain Saw Massacre and House of Wax that keep me up at night. It seems that the worst monsters are always human. That is what I think […]

May 4, 2008

Details of Josef Fritlz’s Cellar of Torture Emerge

The initial shock of the Joseph Fritlz story has not yet worn off but that has not stopped shock after shock from being revealed. The story that broke early last week about a man in Austria who had locked his daughter away 24 years ago and repeatedly raped her, fathering seven children with her, continues […]

April 29, 2008

Father Holds Daughter Captive and Has Seven Children With Her!

Why, why, why are there stories like this in the world! So a man in Austria decides to lock his daughter in a cellar and rape her continuously, fathering seven children with her. Apparently this man, Josef Fritlz committed these horrors against his daughter Elizabeth while he and his wife and three of the children, […]