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June 30, 2008

Sanctions Placed On Iran By European Union

The EU has given the green light to sanctions against Iran. Several financial and travel restrictions were already in order but more have been put onto the country. However, the EU is not ready to place sanctions on oil and gas imports. With the oil market being as tense as it is, putting sanctions on that would really anger many that live in the 27 states that make up the EU.

The sanctions were placed on Iran to help discourage nuclear weapon development. Although Iran claims that the nuclear power that they are working with is for energy purposes, the world does not seem to believe that. The United States, China, Russia and the EU all have had some concerns about Iran and what they are doing with nuclear energy but the countries can not agree on what to do about it.

European Union officials are willing to join those that want Iran to stop any type of nuclear weapon creation. However, the relationship that the EU, China and Russia have with Iran is much different than the relationship that the United States has with Iran. The other countries are in positions where they may need to do more trade with Iran. The decisions that all of the countries, minus the United States, have to walk a tighter rope when dealing with Iran.

Russia, China, India and the EU are all oil hungry places that will need some of the oil and as that Iran has. This is something that needs to be considered when placing sanctions on Iran. It might be more productive to find a way to discuss the issues with Iran and reach some type pf agreement.

Iran stands firm on their stance that the uranium enrichment program is for a nuclear reactor that will generate electricity. This has been their stance every since the world began asking questions about the uranium enrichment program. Although the suggestion of President Bush to attack Iran is absolutely absurd and stupid, the request that other countries are making, that Iran enter into negotiations is reasonable. Wouldn’t it be easier to just discus the uranium enrichment program with other world powers and remove the ideas that they have about nuclear weapons?

Of course, I also understand Iran’s point. If they really are just trying to create another electricity source, the government probably feels like they should not have to prove that to the world. If Iran demanded to know what the United States was doing with the uranium enrichment program, there is no way the government would ever entertain the idea of negotiations. The world is going to have to start being more democratic in the way it operates. There can not be all of these double standards for different countries.

Please no more wars. Can’t all of these grown ups get together and just talk? It seems so silly that the world can not mature to the point where we can have conversations instead of place sanctions or blow each other up.

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