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July 21, 2008

Russia`s Seedy Sex Slave Industry

The women stand at a tochka or pick up point in the order of price. Buyers view them and pick the one with the price they are looking for. This is how the underground sex slave industry works in Russia.. Women line the streets in miniskirts and wait for men in cars to come and choose them for prostitution. The rates range between $100 and $700 dollars.

Women’s rights group say that economic boom is supporting the sex salve trade in Russia. Thousands of women are being forced to the streets and controlled by gangs and violent criminals. Russia has seen a huge boom over the past few years. Cheap workers in every industry are being sought out and that includes prostitution. Potential customers have their pick of the women. Some are young girls and others are grown women. Either way, they are being sold to the highest bidder and used for sex.

How is Moscow getting these women? Well, a number f them are tricked into coming to Russia by family members and friends. Some are kidnapped and others re promised good jobs and education if they go. Russia’s Interior Ministry Police says that the borders are basically open so that just about any migration can take place. Also, Russia is not that good when it comes to victims rights. Aide agencies deal with human rights issues for the most part. The laws have not been written for such things.

Keeping track of who is coming and going is very difficult in Russia. The country is massive and people enter in from a number of different points. Due to it’s vastness and the economic boom, many people see it as a destination country. While there are plenty of opportunities that can be taken advantage of, most of the young women that are being taken to Russia are not rained to do them. Of course there are other jobs where they could make a low wage but because they are women and there is a huge market for prostitution, these women get caught in a trap.

Aide agencies are rescuing women from brothels and pimps. However these are just a few women. The rest are still out there suffering night after night. If they try to make a break for it, they are harmed, possibly even killed. As Russia continues to do better and better economically, the prospect of more sex slave victims becomes more likely.

The Russian police has little control over the sex slave trade because of the lack of laws surrounding such crimes. Victims that are rescued are not necessarily safe. If they are found on the street again by the people that traffic them they will wind up in the sex salve trade again. Shipping the women back to their homelands would be costly and hard to do since they come from everywhere. The Russian police have a huge problem on their hands that they seem to have no solution for at this time. Outside agencies have been stepping in but it is hard to make real changes because they are not the law.

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