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June 30, 2008

Run Off Election Is Still On In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s run off election is still scheduled to go on even though the opposition opponent has dropped out of the election. The electoral commission in Zimbabwe said that the election will go on Friday. The Southern African Development Community has sent out a warning that violence in Zimbabwe can lead to false election results. The group is urging Zimbabwe to postpone the election.

After many weeks of silence Nelson Mandela came out and finally made a statement regarding Zimbabwe. “Tragic failure of leadership in Zimbabwe” was what Mandela had to say about the country that has been in turmoil for months now. Unfortunately, no matter what people say, it seems that Robert Mugabe is not going to back down. He is so arrogant that he will likely go on with the election even though the world knows that it will be conducted in a violent and unfair manner.

Mugabe has been stripped of his knighthood that Queen Elizabeth II awarded him in 1994. Governments around the world have cried out in outrage for Mugabe to stop the violence and intimidating that is being carried out in his country. Some people are allegedly being threatened with amputation and imprisonment if they do not vote for Mugabe. Morgan Tsvangirai has dropped out of the election because he does not feel safe with asking people to risk their lives to vote for him. While his name remains on the ballot there is really no way for him to take office even if he won this election, which he did the last one.

Tsvangirai has spent most of his time at the Dutch embassy after announcing that he was dropping out of the race. He fears for his life and only left briefly to give a press conference at his home. Robert Mugabe questioned Tsvangarai’s fear for his life even though he has already survived several different assassination attempts.

Zimbabwe is a problem of the world but Africa must stand up and fix this problem. The world can condemn Mugabe but other African leaders must stand up and let Mugabe know that what he is doing is not appropriate. It will only be through the mouths of Mugabe’s peers that he may start to bend a bit. Mugabe likes to state the Zimbabwe is not a Western country. He is right but he also needs to understand that right is right and wrong is wrong. What he is doing right now, running a one candidate election is wrong.

Will the run off election go on as planned? Most likely. It is obvious that Mugabe feels that he is above the world. He will likely go on and proclaim victory even though he has had to intimidate, mutilate, arrest and murder many of the opposition’s believers. After cutting off international aide to people that desperately need it Mugabe proved that he would do anything he needed to in order to win the election. African officials around the continent need to stand up and condemn Mugabe’s actions.

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