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January 13, 2011

RRROLL up the rim to win (Timi)

I have been thinking of doing a favor to the environment for couple of days. Well, I am a regular customer of “Tim Horton”! Thereby, I took an initiative of using reusable own coffee mug instead of Tim Horton’s one time coffee cup. However, an obstacle became obvious in my little effort of being environmental friendly. That obstacle is “Timi’s” RRROLL UP TO WIN game! (yes, I am aware of the roll up spelling, I have just followed the way it appears on the cups). You just roll up the edge of the cup and claim your prize. Though you will find “Please play again” in most cases, do not stop trying as there are so many prizes to win, e.g., Bayliner bowrider boats, garmin navigation device, Toyota 2009 matrix XR AWD, a number of $50 tim Horton quick pay cards, and over 31,000,000 food items. The prizes are attractive, arn;t they? Same is for me.  Seeing the prize list my passion for being environmental friendly is now in quarantine for couple of months and my own coffee mug is resting on my desk!

Yes, I am feeling guilty for this and for this reason I am proposing a new idea to Timi that they introduce coupon or scratch card instead of roll up cups. Customers can claim their prizes by using their coupons or scratch cards. This will enable the friends of environment like me to stick with their own coffee mug and reduce the amount of one time coffee cup wastes.

by Mohammad Habibur Rahman (Sumith)

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  1. Samet | May 5, 2009 | Reply

    I want to win the roll up the Rim

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