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July 2, 2008

Romanian Government Makes Right Call In Child Rape Case

I am not a fan of abortion but I do understand that there are certain circumstances in which one would be best. The case that the Romanian government dealt with this week was definitely one where an abortion was in order.

An 11 year old girl was raped by her 19 year old uncle and became pregnant. She is 21 weeks pregnant, very far along for an abortion but this girl is 11 years old. I don’t know if she will be able to recover from this, the rape and the abortion of birth of this child. However, if this little girl wants this baby that was forced inside of her body gone, I can’t pass judgment. It is a terrible story all around but I think that putting this little girl through all of this drama is making it even worse.

The Romanian Orthodox Church has stated that they will raise the baby if the girl has it because they are opposed to abortion no matter what. Well, as a priest once told me, those opposed to abortion are rarely those that put have been put in a position where they have to choose. The family that is dealing with this little girl and the pregnancy have a lot of decisions to make and having the public badgering them can not be helpful. This has nothing o do with the rest of us. Give the family and this little young girl who has suffered a terrible crime time to make up their minds.

The Romanian government made the right decision in allowing this young girl to have an abortion. Her parents may have to travel to Britain where the cut of for abortions is 24 weeks. In Romania the cut off for abortions is 14 weeks. Seeing as the young girl is 21 weeks pregnant, time is of the essence.

As far as the church that claims they will care for the child, haven’t there been plenty of children that they could have cared for and did not? Years ago I remember watching a story about children in a Romanian orphanage. Some of the children had been in their cribs so long that the backs of their heads were bald and flat. Other children were malnourished and still others had deformed legs because they were not allowed to walk around. So, where was the Romanian Orthodox Church then? The Iron Curtain had fallen by that time which was the only reason why the orphanages were being shown on television.

Abortion is not a right or wrong thing. It is a terrible, terrible situation but it is one that happens to come up when people are raped. Yes, some people use abortion as a form of birth control and those are the ones that should not be allowed to have them.. Of course, if these careless souls were made to have the children what would become of these helpless children? We need only to look around the world to see all of the horrible things that happen to children that are not wanted.

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