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September 14, 2008

Rescue Missions Save Thousands of Stubborn People from Hurricane Ike

It is really worth riding out a hurricane if you have to later be rescued to avoid eminent danger? No way. Why did thousands of people not heed to warnings that were given out regarding Hurricane Ike? Is it really fair that rescue workers have to put their lives in danger to save people that chose to stay in the path of a major hurricane?

Some of the reason that thousands of people remained in their homes is because they know that rescue workers will be around to save them. If the rescue mission is possible, brave women and men will come in and whisk them off to safety. Of course, in the meantime, the rescue workers, as well as the people that are being rescued are in danger. This seems to not be an issue for the selfish people that did not flee north after dire warnings about Hurricane Ike.

Of course, many will say that the hurricane was not nearly as bad as it was painted out to be. That staying behind was okay because they did not die. However, the fact that you can no longer live in your home because it is flooded and you don’t have electricity is a problem. The fact that you will now be living in makeshift shelters, opposed to choosing the spot where you wait out the aftermath, is just plain silly.

There has been a population boom in the Houston area. Many of the people that now live there are not familiar with strong hurricanes and the damage that they can do. However, that seems like it would prompt people to leave even more. If you are not used to hurricanes why would you stick around to see what they have to offer?

There is a sense that something as terrible as a hurricane can be “fun” if it does not kill you. Although most of the people were probably just being stubborn, some of them were likely being silly as well. I am sure there were some that wanted to see the waves crash in and watch the destruction all around. Some people have a strange opinion about what fun is.

This is the largest search and rescue operation in the history of Texas. On Sunday three bodies were found in the storm wreckage. 1,948 people have been rescued so far and the amount of other people out there in need it not known. That means that rescue teams have to wing it and guess where to look and how many people are out there.

Curfews have been put in order in Houston to help fight off any looting that may spiral out of the chaos. Many people stayed for this very reason. They wanted to protect their property. Of course, if you die your property is not going to do you that much good. That is the thing that most people seem to not consider when they decide to ride out a storm. Now many more lives are in harm’s way as the rescues go on.

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