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June 30, 2008

Ralph Nader`s Ignorant Comments About Barack Obama

We have not heard much about Ralph Nader this election time around. Typically he is mentioned because he is usually running for president. However, this time, even though he is in the race, or hopes to be anyway, he has not caught any spotlights. SO what does he do? He makes some really stupid comments about race and all of a sudden, there he is.

So Mr. Nader, what exactly is talking “white” and how does Barack Obama practice this phenomenon? Does Barack Obama talk white because he tries to be inclusive in his speeches? Does he talk white because he is not rambling on and on about how white people have mistreated him and are the cause of any failures he has encountered in life? Is that what you mean Mr. Nader because if it is, well, let him continue.

I appreciate the way that Obama looks at issues in America as issues that Americans have to deal with. He does not section of the troubles of the country to fit certain racial and religious groups. Instead he talks about change for the entire country, regardless of race or religion. Lately the attacks on Obama have been futile in my book. Some right wing religious guy says that Obama is misquoting the bible is upset because Obama says that the bible can not be sued to govern the country. Well, the bible can not and should not be used to govern a secular country. Wake up bible thumpers. The Untied States is supposed to have separation of church and state. Then there are those that call Obama arrogant, which really translate to he is intimidating because he is an educated black man without a chip on his shoulder. He is also a mixed blood, holding both white and black blood. America once fought to keep the interracial marriage illegal with a fight that raged much strong than the one that is being put out against homosexual marriage. Let’s be honest. When all of these old white guys get up and say something stupid about Obama it is because they are terribly afraid of this guy. He is not fitting into their stereotype and they hate it.

Ralph Nader is typically someone that I do not have a problem with. He generally has some good ideas when it comes to how the U.S. should be governed. Why couldn’t he take the high road and deal with some of the issues. Attack Obama on his politics not his race or saying that he talks “white” or does not deal with African-American issues. Come on, Nader, you used to be smarter than that.

Now that the presidential race has narrowed I think that people feel that they must fiercely attack Obama. The panic is on. A non-white has made it to the presumptive candidate position. His race must be touted out as often as possible to remind people that he is different so that when they go to the polls they will chicken out and “say, oh gosh! He is one of them!!” and vote for McCain. Will America be smart enough to ignore this stupidity? We will have to wait and see.

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  1. Ricki | Nov 7, 2008 | Reply

    He is just a pure and bitter man. He has never been remotly close to winning the office so he just needs to go somewhere and shut up and keep his comments to himself.

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