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January 1, 2011

Racism – can we stop it?

Racism it’s a global issue and effects our every way of life. It comes in all forms, and is completely unnecessary. We have been all guilty of it at one time or another, but are you willing to help stop it. First we have the group called the KKK, they have done horrendous things to African Origin, they call them colored, but who really are the colored ones?

We turn blue when we are cold, green when we are sick and red when we are in the sun to much, guess they never thought of that one did they! And why, what do they get out of it, we are all human and in fact the African origin have done amazing things in this world. Martin Luther King for example, one of the greatest orators in American history. He became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end segregation. What about Eddie Murphy he became a Golden Globe Award-winning American actor. Along with a large amount of other African people. A lot of people say that is stems from the poor people in Africa, but is that there fault, NO! We don’t choose what we are born into, its just what is in our destiny. There is also racism in small things like they way we live, our religion, the way we talk or perhaps cook our food. It is really bad when we have to create hate crime laws because of our ignorance. If you look at it we are in a way just fighting ourselves. If there was a little child different then you or perhaps doesn’t speak your language lost and standing there crying for its mother, would you just walk by. Well a lot of people will, what has happened to our world. Where has the compassion gone where has equality gone? Then there is the middle east, we send our loved ones there to kill, or get killed is that right, why , and what for? There are people sleeping on the street corner, perhaps because of choices they make or perhaps of lack of choices they have. Did you know in the USA there are children homeless cause of their governments ignorance? Isn’t that call treason? I have been to the States and I was so sad at the things I seen, maybe it was where I went down there, maybe it wasn’t, from what I see and hear its all over. We are all human have some respect for one-another.

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    I like the thought. Very interesting.

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