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August 6, 2008

Racial Murder In Pennsylvania

The United States of America still has such a difficult time with race. There are still racial killings and a strong hatred of non white people. The latest victim of such a crime is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Luis Ramirez was beaten to death by a bunch of teenagers. They beat him fatally while screaming epithets in a small northwest Pennsylvania town.

Shenandoah is a tiny town where diversity is still a bad word, obviously. The really sad part about this attack, beside the fact that a man lost his life for nothing, is that the perpetrators are young. These are no old antiquated men with old world views. These are teenagers who are high school aged. They are carrying on the legacy of hatred that obviously was taught to them by the previous generation.

The boys, Brandon J. Piekarsky, 16, Colin J. Walsh 17 and Derrick M. Donchak 18 are the culprits that beat Ramirez to a pulp. He was in the hospital for some time before he finally died from head injuries. The two younger boys were charged as adults with homicide and ethnic intimidation while Donchak was charged with aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation and other charges.

The two younger suspects were on the Shenandoah Valley High School football team and the older boy, Donchak was the quarterback. He is now enrolled at Bloomsburg University.

Te three racist encountered Ramierez in the park with a teenaged girl on July 12th. The three boys started telling Ramirez to get out of the neighborhood and told the girl that she should get her Mexican boyfriend out of the park. As Ramirez and the girl started to walk away, the racial slurs came. Ramirez asked the boys what their problem was and a fight started. The fight was not much of a fight. Ramirez was punched in the face and fell and hit his head. He was unconscious after that. Piekarsky continued to kick him in the head.

The “fight” ended with Ramirez convulsing and foam at the mouth. He underwent surgery at the hospital but he died on July 14th of his injuries. The three boys left the scene but were later caught and detained. Piekarsky and Walsh are being held without bail while Donchak is being held on a 75,000 bail.

One of the lawyers says that whenever there is a fight between people of different ethnicities there are racial slurs. That in itself shows how disturbed the overall conscious of this country is. I have had fights and arguments with people of other races and honestly, I have need resorted to ethnic slurs. You know why? Because I’ve never had a fight or argument with someone because they were a different race.

The idea that this was street fight just does not fly. These boys attack Ramirez because hew as Mexican. They beat him even after he was down and unconscious. That takes a lot of hate. Hopefully these racist monsters will not be back on the streets again. If there is any justice in this country the homicide charge will stand and all of them will be charged as adults.

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