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June 16, 2008

R Kelly Is Found Not Guilty

Whether or not you follow his music you probably have been aware of the charges pending against R. Kelly. The R&B superstars has faced child pornography charges for the past eight years. He was accused of making a sex tape with an under aged girl.

The young woman that was supposed to be in the tape is now 23 years old. She and Kelly both deny that they were in the tape at all. The jury was shown the video and the prosecutions number one witness, a young woman that said a sexual experience with the two swears that the Kelly and the girl were both on the tape.

The deciding factor in the trial was the fact that Kelly has a large mole on his back and the person in the video did not. This was the deciding factor in the not guilty verdict. If Kelly had been found guilty he would have faced up to 15 years in jail. He did not make any comment to the screaming crowd he faced when he left the courtroom.

R. Kelly is 41 years old now and has long been the subject of rumors about his affinity for young women. In the early 1990’s Kelly married a young R&B singer who was just barely legal. At the time of their marriage there were whispers about but since Kelly was not that much older than the girl, nothing came of the issue.

The most recent charges have included that Kelly regularly made sex tapes with girls as young as 13 and 14 years of age. The video tape that was shown to juries shows a man urinating on a young girl in one frame and having her call him Daddy in another. These scene of abuse, I would think, would be unnerving even to the strongest of juries. Even people like myself that do not have children react with great apprehension when these types of tales emerge. Was amazed that the jury found Kelly not guilty because I suspected that he really had committed the crimes he was accused of. However, I believe that if a jury has stated that he is not guilty, I guess I have to reconsider my opinion.

Te other issue in this case is that even if it was Kelly on the tape, the young lady he is accused of make the tape with denies the claim. She is not willing to accept that abuse went on so either it did not happen or she is not able to recognize the situation for what it is. Of course the other thing to consider is the fact that we are talking about a video that emerged on the Internet. Anyone with minor skills can manipulate a video of someone else using Internet tools. This video could have been a complete hoax created by someone that wanted to get revenge on Kelly or just impress friends. You just never know with the Internet. I guess that we will have to trust the legal process on this one and the opinions of the jury.

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