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February 5, 2010

Prince George Minor Hockey Association – What is happening there?

Most families in Canada have had the chance to be a part of organized sports.  Even if you never set foot close to an organized sport, you probably know someone who has.  I have had the pleasure (totally being sarcastic here) for being connected with one of the biggest organized sports groups in my community; Prince George Minor Hockey Association (PGMHA). 

I live in a mid size town in Northern British Columbia called Prince George.  I happen to be a proud mom of a son that loves to play hockey.  Hey, I live in Canada, what can I say!!  I love watching him play and spending my time getting to know other families who are stuck at the rink with me at 6am on a Saturday and Sunday.

Recently, I have begun to question organizations like PGMHA.  Their whole organization seems to have only one goal in life; they are only there to get THEIR child to the NHL.  Yep, I said it.  When you have people who sit on the executive and are also coaches on the ice there has to be a conflict of interest somewhere.  I know they are all volunteers and they do want the best for the children but really there are over 2000 children who play minor hockey in Prince George.  You would think that there would be enough people that the executive does not need to be on the ice coaching as well as sitting up in the office making decisions that will affect everyone.

So here is the set up for PGMHA.  You have the President who is also an assistant coach on two different hockey teams.  Most of your Divisional Supervisors (6 positions – 6 dads) also assistant coach or coach teams where their children play.  And your Risk Management person also coaches two different hockey teams.  Oh I can go on and on, but it kind of makes you think that there is a conflict of interest somewhere; doesn’t it?

Oh but if you talk to anyone of these people, they will tell you that they are there because there are not enough people to help out.  Oh really!  Are you telling me that only 16 parents out of 2000 families are interested in being on the executive or there are not parents in the stands wishing they can get out on the ice to help coach.  I think they need to give their heads a shake. 

PGMHA needs to sit down and look at how they run things.  I believe that if you have volunteered for one position that is all you are allowed to hold.  Get more people involved and see what happens.  Do not have one person be the “team manager,” “the assistant coach,” “the divisional manager,” and “the referee assignor.”  There are hundreds of people who are willing to help out.  You just need to ask.   Oh I know they ask people to come out to the AGM to volunteer for these positions and no one comes out.  Well that is because they are dumb and have the meeting at the end of April when hockey season is done and over with.  Parents are not thinking about hockey anymore they have moved on to baseball, soccer, or other sports.  Really PGMHA, and maybe all organized sports, should really take a look at how they organize there associations and try to make sure everyone (or as many as possible) is there to help out!

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  1. Whatever | Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    It sucks to read comments like this. Parents who want to come out and help are more than welcome come to. It is easy to net pick but hard to follow up and commit the time to volunteer.

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