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October 28, 2009

The Jewelry Stores are Invading Prince George`s Pine Center Mall!

I was visiting a friend of mine just the other weekend, when the topic of Pine Center Mall’s many jewelry stores came up.

“Really,” she huffed. “There’s a jewelry store across from a jewelry store kittycorner to yet another jewelry store. Why so many jewelry stores?”

I doubt it’s just her asking that very question.

What happened to Pine Center Mall having variety, hm? Having grown up in PG, my family has always made it a part of our weekly outing to browse the mall and window shop. Sometimes we would buy groceries from Extra Foods in the process; othertimes, a new winter coat for Dad. We’d eye off different computer gadgets being marketed in the sales window, drool over a particularly odd trinket (soon to be deemed a “must have” by me). Coles was a store none of us could walk by without exploring in depth.

But look at it now.

How many jewelry stores are in the mall?  Five?

I checked. There’s eight of them.

Now, don’t get me wrong; in a larger mall, or a mall in a larger city, that’s normal. But we fall into the category of a small city or a large town. We’re not some super-urban megacenter as of this moment. Pine Center Mall is the one and only “real” mall in town, apart from the many different strip malls. And its slowly but surely being taken over by jewelry stores.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure don’t go by there every week to buy a new, hundred plus dollar diamond necklace, or an expensive pair of earrings. I might, once every year or so, get one of their more inexpensive sets, just so I look good when christmas rolls around…Or I might not. I have several nice necklaces, and as long as they still fit, I don’t see any need for purchasing more.

Maybe I’m missing something; maybe I’m just abnormal in this fashion. Maybe everyone does, in fact, go out once biweekly to get a new pair of earrings. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly eat my words and admit I was wrong. I’m pretty sure my friend would as well.

But even with that being said, I still miss seeing more variety in the mall. And so many local shops are being pushed out by big chain stores. For instance, remember that coffee shop? Second Cup? They got bumped out of Pine Center due to Tim Horton’s wanting in.

For heaven’s sake, Timmy’s has its own shop just across the intersection from the mall. It’s practically in its backyard. If I want to have a cup of coffee (or, in my case, tea) and a donut there, I’ll just walk right on over.

But no. There’s just not enough Tim Horton’s in town. There has to be yet another one installed in the mall— Even if it means causing another to go out of business.

Perhaps I’m being too nit picky; perhaps not. But I miss the wonder I used to experience as a child, roaming through the assorted shops that made the mall what it was. Now, I ignore more than seventy of the hundred shops, and save my window shopping for in the –shiver—“downtown core”.

Now, if that isn’t sad, then what is?

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  1. kml | Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    how many shoe stores does one mall need too?
    Are we a city in the grips on an Emelda Marcos virus?

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