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July 11, 2008

President George W. Bush Should Stop Making Statements

President George W. Bush only has a short time left in office. Why not just go silent now and let his infamous legacy fizzle out? Well, because then we would not have all of the great comedy that he provides us with. So, Bush says that he can not boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympics in China because it would “make it more difficult to be able to speak more frankly with the Chinese leadership.” He said that he doesn’t need to skip the ceremonies to show how he feels about religious freedom and human rights in China.

First of all, Bush is not really someone I think cares about religious freedom or human rights. He doesn’t care about those things in the United States. Why would he care about those things in China? He instead cares about money and oil and China is a huge market. He is not going to do anything to mess up future business contact or himself and Dick Cheney. Bush knows that China is a market that can be useful in a number of industries and he needs to keep things on decent terms with Chinese officials. Who knows when they will need contractors or have some sweet oil deal he and Cheney can collaborate on.

Bush does not care if Chinese occupation of Tibet is eight or wrong. He is not a worldly person who cares about things on a global level. He is a good ole boy with an education that was handed to him because of his name. He is not someone that would be well versed on the issues in Tibet. When it comes to world events, I think that Bush is clueless.

Bush is at a summit with other leaders from Asia. The G-8 meetings are underway and global warming is one of the many topics. To further illustrate my point that Bush just does not get it when it comes to issues that effect the world, what is his stance on global warming? Well, basically, he doesn’t care much about it. If China and India want to work on global warming, well fine. But if they are not really willing to put forth any effort, his profound observation is “we’re not going to solve the problem.” Well, yes. That is true but surely a world leader has something more to say about the threat of losing the planet than that.

It is still pretty unbelievable that Bush is the president of the United States. He ahs successfully taken the country to a new low and it is downright painful to listen to the things he has to say. As we wait for his last days in office to dwindle down to nothing, it is hard to listen to the nonsense. I am so very ready for a new president. At this point Mickey Mouse would be a welcome face to see running the country. Just as long as Bush is not the one in charge anymore. We need someone that has a clue about something.

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