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March 6, 2011

President Bush Makes More Stupid Comments In Israel

The President of the United States just can not help himself. So he takes a trip to Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that country and he decides it is the perfect time to make an idiotic comment. The way that he phrased his comments and the connotations that he connected to it are deplorable.

Bush did not use names but everyone knows what he is talking about. Senator Obama and a few other democrats have clearly stated that they would be willing to sit down and have discussions with groups and governments that the current administration considers enemies. John McCain recently said that Hamas, a group the United States has classified as a terrorist group would prefer Obama for president. So, Bush piggybacks off of that by saying that some democrats have said they would talk to terrorist just like those that wanted to appease the Nazis. Well, how fitting for Bush to bring the Nazis into the speech and connect it with the present situation in the Middle East on Israeli soil.

Bush has said in the past that he wanted to stay out of what is going on in the 2008 election. The country is on the tail end of one of the worst, if not the worst administration to ever take office. Most of us are just counting down the days until Bush is out of office and never able to be the president again. It would be nice if he would just stop making more of a fool of himself than he already has and ride out these last months. But it seems that he is not satisfied until he says something stupid that casts the United States in a bad light.

All I can hope is that people around the world know that Bush does not represent the views of most Americans. Somehow, by default I believe, he found his way into a second term in office. We have suffered through four more years of recession, a directionless war and unintelligent speeches. Bush has spent eight years offending and embarrassing foreign powers around the world. Anti-American feelings have mounted and grown since Bush has taken office and continually played the role of cowboy president. At this point he should just smile and nod and say nice things until the rest of his term is over.

As I have stated before, what America needs is someone that will engage leaders, regardless of their religion or beliefs. You can not take the position that there are “Evil Doers” or say stupid things like “you are either with us or against us” when you are a president. You have to be open minded enough to understand that everyone is not a born again Christian and white. There are other groups you will have to engage and listen to. Not matter who the next president of the United States is, I hope that they are able to leave some of their personal beliefs at the White House door and view the world as an inclusive place with different types of people. Part of that inclusiveness is sitting down and talking with leaders that you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with.

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