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June 13, 2008

President Bush Is Still Not Smart

I hate to call anyone stupid but really, the President of the Untied States, George W. Bush is on the verge of being called such a thing. So, even though he has started one war that has no end in sight, he will not rule out attacking Iran if they do not stop their uranium enrichment program. While other leaders are urging diplomatic talks with Iran, the U.S. and Israel seem to be pushing war.

Bush is just not a smart person. He knows that the Iraq invasion was unwarranted and hasty. He also knows that his time left in office is very short. Any offensive that he starts now will likely be left up to the next president to resolve. I guess when you have the lowest approval rating of any president in modern U.S. history you don’t really care what anyone thinks or who has to clean up the mess you leave. It is just too bad that we allowed this man to stay in office. If any president needed to be impeached, it was George W. Bush.

Bush was in Germany on his last diplomatic trip to Europe. He was meeting with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor who thinks, like the rest of Europe, that military action against Iran is not the way to go. However, Bush seems to continue to go back to military action every time he speaks about Iran. It is almost like he is warning us that another stupid decision is on the horizon.

The worst part about Bush still being in power is that he still has the right to make dumb decisions and further ruin the reputation of the United States abroad. As long as Bush is in charge that world knows that he is capable of making a bad, one sided decision. He just doesn’t know enough about the world and other cultures to successfully make international decisions.

When Barack Obama clinched the presumptive democratic nomination an opportunity opened up. If Obama were to win the presidential race, he would be the first president to come to office with perspective that was outside of the realm of mainstream America. He might be able to better relate to other places in the world. The United States has increasingly become isolated and alienated from the rest of the world. Bush claims that his trade agreements are the best way for the country to bridge gaps but that is just double talk for more business opportunities for himself and Cheney. The only real way for the United States to start to open up and bridge gaps with the world is to have a leader that actually has a clue. We need a president that knows that the United States is not the only country, Christianity is not the only religion and that there are non-white people in the world and they are not inherently inferior.

These may sound like harsh words, but really, Bush comes from and isolated background where he is always right, no matter how wrong he might be. The fact that there are other ideas and perspectives in the world just does not cross his mind.

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