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February 11, 2011

Predators Refuse To Fold And Pull Even With Red Wings

Talent and skill are important and series are won because of them but emotion and heart can triumph over all of the talent and skill in the world. This is why the series between the Nashville Predators and the Detroit Red Wings is even. I’m not saying that the Predators are going to beat the Wings, although I’m not saying that they won’t beat the Wings, all I’m saying is that they have a chance because they are playing with emotion and heart.

Dan Ellis the Nashville goaltender is turning heads in goal. He has played extremely well against the best team in the league, facing tons of shots from highly skilled players. He held his team in there and made it possible for them to win any of the four games that have been played so far. Jordan Tootoo has taken that rugged edge that sometimes made him ineffective and refined it into skills that make him a great asset to the team. Many were critical of Jason Arnott during the first two games of the series but he has come on in the last two games and reminded people why he and the Predators are in the playoffs.

It was heart and emotion that lead Nashville into the playoffs. There was no way that anyone would have picked Nashville for a playoff team in the beginning of the season and even after they made the playoffs, most people thought that they might win one games against the Wings. So far the Predators have broken through every doubt that people had about them. Now the series is tied at two and they have a chance for a major upset. In the playoffs records evaporate and you only need to win four games before the other team does. The Predators have two down, the Wings have two down, the odds are even.

The Detroit Red Wings have been a phenomenal regular season team for many seasons now. However, over the past couple of years, that skill level does not seem to be able to win them the Stanley Cup. If you ask me, the departure of “The Captain” Steve Yzerman is the main component of what goes wrong in the playoffs for the Wings. You need a warrior to lead you into the playoff, a guy who is willing to give everything that he has to motivate others and win the game. You also need a goaltender that is in the game. Dominick Hasek is a competitor and if he were truly mentally in the game, like we’ve all seen him be in games before, things might be different. No matter how great your team is or how high the pay roll, if you don’t have a couple of guys that are ready to force the issue and push forward no matter what happens, you won’t win the Cup. Teams that have heart and soul will beat you. If Detroit does not find a few guys that are ready to play desperate, even though the Red Wings are far from desperate, we will be buzzing about the Predators making it to the second round of the playoffs.

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