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February 11, 2011

Pope Address Sexual Abuse In Church Several Times

The pope is in the United States this week. He has made the rounds, giving mass up and down the coast of the eastern seaboard. I haven’t been watching as closely as I normally would because, even three years after his death, I am still endeared to the former pope. However, I have seen a few of the apologies for the sexual abuse that rocked the Catholic Church in the States. While the apologies are necessary, I think that there is something else that the Catholic Church needs to do.

A long, long time ago, Catholic priest could marry. Unfortunately, the priest, who were like superstars many centuries ago, took advantage of this by impregnating many women. Babies that could not be taken care of ran a very real risk of being thrown in a river. The Great Schism of the Christian church left those that followed the path of what is now called Orthodox Christianity with the right to marry and those that followed the reformed church with a vow of celibacy. While celibacy is possible and I am sure that many have followed through on that vow, I think that it is time to remove that from the priesthood.

I have friends that are Russian Orthodox. Their father is a priest and he is totally dedicated to his faith and is a good leader of his church. The fact that he has a family ahs not compromised he ability to preach and follow a righteous path. Of course, I also know tons of Catholic priest and many of them are content with the way that their lives have gone. Not to mention, I had several professors that were priest in college and some of those guys were in their 90’s, still teaching and looking great. There are some people that are okay with a vow of celibacy, but obviously, there re some that are not.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that these men that molested children are child molesters. There is a valid argument that these men sought out the priesthood because they wanted to have an ample supply of children that they could victimize. I am sure that for some of the men in the sex scandals, that is true. However, I can help but wonder if some of the sexual abuse could have been avoided if the priest had the option to marry or have relationships.

I think it is unnatural to deny the body, mind or soul. To have a rich soul and mind and leave the body absent of stimulation is going to lead to some serious issues. I think that the Catholic Church needs to rethink their celibacy policy for priest and nuns. The dwindling numbers of young men going into the priesthood and the amount of sexual abuse that priest have committed, means that celibacy needs to be reviewed. I know that every person is responsible for controlling their actions but the church needs to do more than just apologize. They need to show people that they are making changes to stop the sexual abuse.

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  1. Jerry Pomeroy | Apr 21, 2008 | Reply

    The requirement of celibacy places a burden on over-worked Catholic priests. As my wife and I canvassed our Burbank neighborhood, we encountered many lapsed Catholics who nevertheless wouldn’t think of attending our Baptist church. I decided to contact the local Catholic church to determine if we could funnel names and addresses of willing lapsed Catholics to the priest(s). The leading priest appreciated our thought, but said words to the effect, “We have 1200 families and only two full-time priests whose work is supported by two part-time retired priests. My Saturday’s are filled with weddings, and we celebrate Mass six times on Sunday. I have no time.” All was not lost as the man placed us in contact with a nun who was in charge of community outreach, a very godly and competent person. My point is that relaxing the celibacy standard would greatly enhance the Catholic mission.

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