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January 22, 2011

Politicians and Sex Scandals: Should We Care About Politicians Who Cheat On Their Spouses?

Elliot Spitzer, governor of the state of New York is currently embroiled in a sex scandal. This is one of many sex scandals surrounding a politician figure to emerge in the past few years. While I am absolutely against infidelity and feel terrible for Spitzer’s children and wife, I don’t know if cheating is a reason to resign. Of course, if Spitzer spent the state’s money on prostitution then he should pack his bags and leave office immediately. Wronging the citizens of the state you’ve been elected to run is unforgivable. However, if the scandal does not involve money, should we assume that a person that “cheats” on their spouse is incapable of holding a political office?

It is very interesting that whenever politicians cheat the public is outraged. As far as I can tell, politics is for the most part built upon false promises and half truths which in the real world are called lies. I have never seen a politician take office and manage to pull off all of the promises they made when they were campaigning. So why are we so surprised when their name shows up on a high class call girl service list? To be honest, while I do think that infidelity is wrong and immoral, I do not think that politicians should lose their jobs because they have cheated on their spouse.

I know that many people do not agree with that stance because cheating is lying and the thought that a person who lies is in office can be disturbing. Then again, there are plenty of people that cheat on their spouses and all of them are not bad people, per se. They may be cowards, which is what I think of all people that cheat, but lacking the courage to stand up and leave a relationship before you begin another one, sexual or otherwise, does not mean you are incapable of doing your job.

Politicians are human and apt to make the same mistakes that we do. Since they are mere mortals I think that infidelity should be viewed as a personal and private issue that needs to be worked through within that family, same as it would be if it happened to one of us Average Joe’s. Of course, Spitzer’s case is a little bit different because he actually is known for bringing down prostitution rings and may have used the state’s money to transport and pay the call girl. Those things are absolutely impeachable defenses.

Elected officials do have a duty to us as citizens. We count on them to make good decisions regarding various aspects of our well being. While many decisions that they make do not touch us directly, some do. Thinking that elected officials are people we can trust and believe in is very tempting but that is not something we should be looking. When elected officials have a sex scandal pop up, we have to look at the professional side of the person and the job that they have done in office. I think that the official’s actual track record should be the thing that is evaluated, not their personal life.

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