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June 17, 2008

Police Kill Man Who Beat Toddler To Death

Unfortunately the police were not able to shot a man that was beating a toddler before he killed the child. The young boy was beating so severely that he will have to be identified by DNA testing. This is just a very sick story. I can not imagine a grown up beating a toddler between the ages of one and two to death. What a monster.

The beating took place on a rural road in California. There were a few people that drove by the scene and tired to stop the man. An elderly couple tried to assist the child and when they could not, they called the police. The man who beat the child has not been named but it was reported that he was 27 years old. He was kicking, punching and stomping the child on a rural road. It was not clear what they relationship between the two were.

The man that beat the toddler to death had a child seat in his car. There is a chance that someone trusted this man with this poor little boy. The child was taken to the hospital but his injuries were too severe and he did not make it. The Sheriffs landed in a corn field near the scene of the crime after 10:00 p.m Saturday night. When the man would not follow orders to stop beating the child, police shot him dead. There were no children of the toddler’s age range reported missing in the area but someone, somewhere is missing their baby. Someone is never going to see their little boy alive again.

There is nothing that a toddler could ever do to deserve any type of violence against them. I do not think that spanking or hitting children is productive or useful in any way. However, if you are going to spank your child, you still would have no reasons to do so when they were a toddler. It sends chills up my spine when I think about that poor little helpless boy who deserved nothing but to be cared for in the hands of an absolute monster. Be careful who you leave your children with. There are more monsters out in the world than we would like to think there are.

I am happy to hear that those that saw the man beating the toddler stopped and tried to help. They also called the police and tried to get the little boy some help. We must all look out for children in this cruel world and the elderly couple that put themselves in harms way did the right thing. We can not stop all of the terrible and ugly things that happen in the world. No matter how hard we try we will not be able to protect every child but we must try. A child does not ask to be born. Someone else makes that decision. Once they are in the world we are all responsible for their safety. No child deserves what happened to that little boy on that rural California road.

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