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December 17, 2008

Police Hunt For Serial Killer In California

Police in Los Angeles, California say that a serial killer is on the loose. This scary notion was announced recently but the killing has been going on for some time now. The killer has claimed the lives of as many as 11 people over the past 23 years. DNA evidence in the 11 slayings collected by police in both Los Angeles and Inglewood points to the same person, police say. The most recent killing was in 2007.

All of the victims were prostitutes or drug users. They were all sexually assaulted and shot and left in alleyways or in dumpsters. Even though this killing spree has spanned 23 years, the police say they are confident that they can solve the case. There are apparently many connections between the different cases. Authorities are examining over 50,000 inmates in state prison that have committed similar crimes.

All of the victims were black and only one out of the 11 was a man. Police believe that the killer may have been in and out of prison which is why there is such a huge gap between the killings. The first murder that police believe was committed by this killer is that of Debra Jackson, a 29 year old woman who was shot multiple times in 1985.

The gun that was used in the Debra Jackson slaying was used in seven more slayings. Unfortunately, it took the police three years to figure that out. A sketch was given by a woman that was sexually assaulted and shot in 1988 but police said it was not substantial enough to create a composite.

The cases were cold until police detectives made connections between those slayings and three more murders that have occurred since 2002. Fluid samples of the killer were reserved from victims. Similarities on the bodies of three victims also helped police make the connection.

A number of other suspects have already been ruled out. Police are also wondering if the suspect left the state of California and is committing similar murders in other states. This would also explain the gaps in-between the murders.

It is unfortunate that these murders involved people that were on the fringe of society. Prostitutes and drug users are some of the most vulnerable people and when they are murdered, it is often hard to figure out what really happened. Many of them live in the streets and have dealings with strangers on a regular basis. It is very hard to track their whereabouts and find out who they were keeping company with.

While many people that are not drug users or prostitutes may be at ease because they think this killing is targeting a group they are not a part of, they should think again. You just never know when serial killers are going to start branching out to other parts of the population. When someone is a maniac, their next move is anybody’s guess. Hopefully police will catch this killer as soon as possible.

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