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February 14, 2011

Police Fire Fifty Bullets at Unarmed Man, Weapons Dealer Offers Discounts To College Students, Pregnant Woman Shot in Stomach, Loses Twins

I know that the title is most of a sentence but all of those stories deserved a piece of the headline. So, this is what the United States has done with the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The right to bare arms, you will hear it invoked by many Americans with a fiery pride. Obama is right when he says that small town America clings to gun and religion. It’s not a nice thing to say but it is oh so true. The other thing that is true is that “the right to bare arms” means that many people that are not mentally competent to own guns, can get them.

The Virginia Tech campus shootings that took place a little over a year ago was carried out with a legally purchased gun. A legal gun also was used in the shooting rampaged carried out on an Illinois campus a few months ago. To add to these terrible tragedies, the guns that the shooters purchased were obtained from the same gun dealer. So, if you were this guy, what would you do? There are a number of ways to answer this question. However, I doubt that many people would say, “Hey, I would go to the Virginia Tech campus and offer students discounts on guns!” Intelligence varies as does tact but this guy is lacking both of them.

In New York City three cops shoot an unarmed man and murder him on his wedding day. Mistakes happen and cops have a tough job but come on. Fifty shots? I can understand cops shooting someone they think is dangerous. I also understand that cops have a job that puts their lives in danger everyday. The goal is to not die, I get that. However, after fifty shots are pumped at a guy who has no weapon, I think you have to pay some type of price. Not in New York City. The three cops were acquitted.

A woman pregnant with twins goes to her job at a bank and is shot in the stomach by a robber. If there is a hell, the person that shot her will be a permanent resident. If you do something as terrible as that you should lay yourself down on the steps of the jail house. There should be running and hiding and eluding the police, you need to give yourself up and face the punishment that you get, no matter what it is.

I am not for or against guns but I am definitely for life and humans living a peaceful existence. What is this culture that we have created? It is very curious how in the place that proclaims that highest level of freedom, we are trapped and barricaded against our neighbors and the world. You can go out and buy a gun, in many states, within a few hours. You can obtain something that has the sole purpose of taking life in less than a day. You might spend more time at the car dealership finalizing the paper work for a new automobile.

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