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July 27, 2008

People Sun Bathe While Drowned Girls Float Away

Two young Roma girls drowned the other day. Their bodies were left on the beach for pick up by the authorities. The girls, Violetta and Cristina were ages 12 and 13. they had the misfortune of dying in the tides surrounding an Italian beach. Sunbathers felt no reason to respect these young girls’ bodies or any repulsion at the idea of sunbathing just a few meters from where they lay. Humanity is continuously reaching new lows around the world.

The reason why some are saying it was so easy for the sunbathers to rest on the beach was because the girls were Roma. As police carried the girls’ bodies away in coffins, sunbathers enjoyed the sun in reclining beach furniture. This scene of indifference was greatly disturbing.

There is something to be said for the charges of racism. Often times when people are racist they do not recognize the race they hate are human. They ignorantly lower the person to a subhuman level which allows them to see their lifeless bodies lay just meters from their beach towels. This is an utter disgrace and it is too bad that there is not some type of crime that we can charge these folks with.

Italy has issued a “Roma emergency” in the past weeks. Illegal immigrants are being blamed for the increased street violence on Italian streets. Some Italians have taken to burning Roma camps. Police raids on Roma camps have been controversial and the government was trying to pass a law that would force all Roma people to be fingerprinted.

These were two children that lay dead on the beach. I shiver at the though of any dead body void of life. Not because I am afraid but because of the weight of what death means. When a life expires it deserves some respect. Your sun tan can wait until the bodies of children have been taken away from the scene.

An Archbishops and several human rights groups have condemned the actions of the people on the beach. Apathy is a terrible trait to take on. Racism nothing but overwhelming fear and ignorance. It is so sad to see that so many people suffer form these limiting afflictions.

Romanies do not have a specific home land that have for that reason been targets of racism for centuries. They have been mistreated and discriminated against for centuries and the trend seems to have no end in sight. This is an awful display of how ugly human beings can act.

A photographer could not believe how cold these people on the beach were. A picture was snapped of these young girls’ feet sticking out form underneath beach blankets. In the background there are people relaxing and chatting with sunglasses on. In the forefront the two young girls lay motionless, dead and gone forever. It is a painful picture to see. This is not where the world should be going. I am so incredibly ashamed to see such a display of indifference amongst humans.

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