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March 2, 2011

How The Military Has Tried To Use Pat Tillman

The story came through back in 2004 of a football player who dropped his career and joined the army to fight for his country. He was killed soon after joining. The story was used by those that were trying to bill the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as positive things that the world should support. Pat Tillman was killed and portrayed as a hero to help attract young, patriotic people that wanted to help make the world a better place.

I believe that Pat Tillman was a very brave man and I also am in awe of anyone that has the courage and drive to join the military. Standing up and fighting for what you believe in is always respectable and admirable. Dying for what you believe is right, fighting the enemy is also a noble way to leave this world. However, as with the entire Iraq/Afghanistan invasions, the Pat Tillman story was skewed and the enemies and heroes were not clear upon further investigation.

Initially the story was that Pat Tillman died in combat under enemy fire. He was used by the military to encourage others to join and fight. Friends of mine were teary-eyed and proud when they spoke of our fellow citizen and football hero giving up the good life to go and fight in the name of justice and freedom. I too was touched by the story and admired what Pat Tillman did. I still feel that way about Pat Tillman. No matter what comes out about this story, he is someone who did more than just talk the talk. He believed in his country and he made the ultimate sacrifice.

With that said, the villains in this situation are the military. Pat Tillman’s family deserved the truth about what happened to their loved one. If he was killed by friendly fire, the family should have been told that instead of trying to gloss over the details and blame Tillman’s death on enemy fire. It is so hard to really know what happens in the heat of combat, or what the soldiers that are in Afghanistan and Iraq are experiencing. The families of the soldiers and the public have to rely on reports from the military and media. However, there will always be someone that is not comfortable with a lie. If the military decides to lie about something that comes out of these wars, there will be some brave souls that can not live with not telling the truth.

So after all of the propaganda that the military and media created to build honor and respect into the death of Pat Tillman, the truth came out. Tillman died in Friendly Fire, a term that refers to mistakes, typically firing on your own troops, is what killed Pat Tillman. The mythology that was created by the military was designed in hopes of luring young, idealistic people into the military. The more news that comes out about the military, the more I feel sorry for those that join. All of the hype about the G.I. Bill tends to be little more than hype since it can not really pay for the education of former military personnel. Then there is the stop-loss situation where the amount of time you agreed to be in the military can be extended, without your permission. I have a lot of respect for soldiers but I am starting to wonder what exactly is going on with the higher ups.

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