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September 8, 2009

Small parking lots and roundabouts from hell in Prince George, British Columbia

I live in a small town in Northern British Columbia named Prince George.  If you have ever been to a small town in Northern British Columbia you know there are more trucks then cars.  And not just trucks but big trucks.  Because of this, the question that has always been on my mind is, why does the city officials feel the need to hire civil engineers for large cities in the south to come up here and help design parking lots and roads?  They have no idea what it is like to live up here.

They build these parking lots for Honda Civics not Ford 350 Long Boxes.  Let’s see if you can make that big truck go around that tiny little spot without hitting anything.  Now that is a fun thing to watch but it is not a fun thing to try and do.  When you have more vehicles parking out on the road then in the parking lots there is a problem.

And our most recent dumb city government idea for Prince George was just recently completed.

About 4 years ago, one of the bridges here in town was shut down because it was old and falling apart.  It was also a one lane bridge which did cause some backups but this bridge was used by most of the transport trucks that wanted to bypass town and get to the mills faster.  So, instead of rebuilding the bridge right away they (“they” being the city officials) decided to let these trucks go through town via a different route.  Well the traffic through this section of town has been a headache to say the least.

Well, 4 years later, the bridge has been rebuilt.  And what a bunch of dummies they are.  At the end of the bridge they placed a roundabout. So now you have 18 wheelers trying to go around a tiny little circle and trying not to hit anything or anyone.  It is really funny to watch.  They cannot do it.  They run over that circle all the time.  Even while building it they had to shut the road down because the trucks kept wrecking it.  Every time they went through they were hitting it.  If that doesn’t say “this is a dumb thing to build here,” I am not sure what else would have.

I would love to talk to the idiot that came up with that idea.  He must have been on something when he thought of that one.

Someone needs to sit down with the civil engineers and say something.  Really how hard is it to look around and realise that there are more trucks up here then cars.  Just stop at a light and count the number of Trucks vs. Cars and you will see for yourself; trucks out number cars.  Open your eyes and realise that small parking lots and roundabouts do not belong in a town like Prince George.

Big Trucks don’t fit into small spaces including small roundabouts for cars!

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