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June 26, 2008

Inmates in Paraguay Demand More Sex

So when you go to prison you have to forfeit some of your rights. You have committed a crime and have to pay the price by not being able to have some of the pleasures that you would if you were on the outside. Being able to have over night company is one of those things.

Well apparently, no on told the inmates at the Esperanza prison in Asuncion, Paraguay that not being able to have sex when you want to was one of those privileges you lose when incarcerated. The prison already allows day time conjugal visits but that interferes with some of the prisoners work schedules.

The prisoners were also rioting because they say that guards mistreat them. This is a valid issue to riot about. There are also mandatory strip searches of visitors that are going to stop as a result of the riot. It was not clear if the night time conjugal visits were approved or not but the rioting, which lasted four hours did not lead to any deaths.

I realize that humans have needs even when they are in prison. The prisoners are already allowed congeal visits and I think that they should be. However, I don’t think that they should be able to have them whenever they want to. Being in prison means that you move on someone else’s schedule because you weren’t able to live in society. The guards should not be mistreating them but the overnight conjugal visits are a bit much.

It would be interesting to know what these inmates are in prison for. Is this a minimum security prison or a maximum security facility? Not that my opinion would changed based on that, but I am curious. Are these murders and rapists making these demands or are they petty thieves?

Prison operate differently in different parts of the world. Many countries have strict prison rules with short sentences, such as Japan. Crime is sparse in Japan and the inmates are worked hard during their incarceration. They exercise and have productive jobs while they are behind bars and sentences are typically much shorter than they are in other countries. The strict, short sentence seem to work well for some who end up seeing less serious crime because of them. If you are totally deprived of enjoyment you are less apt to want to go to jail again. If you are able to live the way that you do on the outside when you are in prison, why stop committing crimes? Prisoners should be taken care of but they did not have to be pampered.

I know that some prisons have more facilities for prisoners than many people have on the outside. I don’t know if that is the best way to show people that commit crimes that they must reform their ways. The more freedom given in prison, the less likely people are to want to return. I think that Esperanza prison should turn down the demand for prisoners to have conjugal visits.

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