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February 1, 2011

Ottawa Senators: Up A Creek With No Paddle

So, here we are in the final leg of the season and the Ottawa Senators are without reliable goaltending. This is why I thought it was such a shame that they fired John Paddock when they did because Murray has not been able to get the Senators back on track. Why is that? Well, quite frankly, I think it is because the Senators’ falling apart had very little to do with coaching. Although, I would say that it has something to do with management.

John Paddock made some comments about how he had wished that he had done something different with Ray Emery while he was coach. A lot of people probably were like, “Well, duh!!” but, upon hearing about how Emery has always been late and has even missed a plane for a playoff game, I don’t think that there was very much that Paddock could do. Obviously Ray Emery’s behavior was tolerated long before Paddock became head coach.

As far as the other players on the Ottawa Senators, I think that individually there is a ton of talent on the team. However, I do often wonder about these teams that race out of the block displaying seemingly endless amounts of talents. Do they get too cocky or is it that they are talented and because of that talent do not have clearly defined leaders on the ice? This is not a knock against Daniel Alfredsson. I know that he is a good captain but I wonder if it is very difficult to be a captain of a team that has an enormous amount of individual talent. I would also put Detroit in this same category and reference this point to explain that weird losing streak they were on a couple of weeks ago. When you have a large amount of talent on a team, it probably manages itself very well most of the time. However, if something comes along and throws the team off kilter, such as the Ray Emery debacle or the slew of injuries the Wings suffered, it can be hard to find a spark. And because the captain and the coaches are not used to having to pull out all the stops on a regular basis, there is a scramble to find out what is wrong and how to fix it as soon as possible.

The other thing that seems to be missing from the Ottawa Senators game is fun. In the game against the Montreal Canadiens last night, Dany Heatley scored the second goal for the Senators. He slipped one past Corey Price and yeah, they were still down five goals, but someone should have congratulated him. It was his 38th goal of the year and it was a spark in a rather dim game for the Senators. Not to mention, Martin Lapointe scored soon after Heatley to cut the deficit to four. If you don’t win the game make it as close as possible. Play like you can win the game until the final buzzard. Some of the team seems to have that drive but overall it seems to be absent. After Lapointe’s goal the team seemed to come alive and even though they lost the game, 5-7 is much better than 1-7.

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