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February 10, 2011

Ottawa Senators: Where Do They Go Form Here?

By the time you read this the Ottawa Senators will probably be out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is disturbing even for those of us are not Senator fans because of the way that Ottawa fell from grace. All teams have their ups and downs but the Senators had a serious up at the beginning of the season and then a terrible downward spiral that has not let up seen it began. While the Senators may be put out of their misery soon for the current season, where do they go from here?

The firing of the coach did not shake the Senators up and make them play any better. The decision to ride one goaltender did not strengthen the team one bit. It seemed that no matter what the strategy was, the Senators did not make any improvements. Now in the playoffs the Senators may suffer a sweep. No other team is in that position. In every series, no matter what two teams are together, the series have been hard fought and each team has been able to get at least one win so far. The Anaheim Ducks, who looked like they were down and out were able to comeback and win last night against Dallas. The Nashville Predators who were decimated by the players that left and injuries throughout the season were able to pull off a win against the league leading Detroit Red Wings. Ottawa, a team that is well stacked with talent and high priced players, really needs to win the game tonight. They won’t win the series, but it would be nice to see them put up a fight.

After the long summer off, what will become of the Ottawa Senators. What will be Bryan Murray’s strategy to get the team back in line? Who will end up being the coach and what will they do with the two goaltenders, neither of which one looks like a number one goaltender right now. If they want to move those two guys, who will take them? The rumor is that Murray’s job is safe. So where will they go from the spot they are in? If you have been watching the series between Ottawa and Pittsburgh, you know that the games have not been hard fought losses by the Senators. While Pittsburgh is a great team, Ottawa, no matter what their issues may be, has the talent to compete with them. The problem seems to be attitude. The Senators just do not seem like they want to wins bad enough. Sad to see in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Hockey fans around the province of Ontario will be eagerly awaiting information about the fates of their two teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs will have to fight hard to win back let down fans and the Senators will have to convince fans that they are not bluffing if they blow out of the starting gate again. I can’t help but wonder what the second half of the season would have been like if Gerber and Emery were moved at the trade deadline? May a change of scenery would have been good for both of them and the Senators could have put their faith in a goaltender that wanted to win, not just play.

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