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January 16, 2011

Ottawa Senators Look Flat In Lose To Anaheim Ducks

I felt like I had been dropped back in time to last year’s Stanley Cup Finals as I watched the Ducks and Ottawa last night. The Ottawa Senators lacked passion in the 3-1 loss to the Anaheim Ducks and continued to raise questions about what is on the horizon for the team. The score of the game makes it seem like things were close, and they were on the scoreboard but in reality, the outcome was pretty predictable from early on in the first period.

It is not so much that Ottawa is losing these days although that is a problem they also look flat on the ice. The firing of Coach John Paddock has not made any drastic changes in play. Suddenly, the Ottawa Senators look like a troubled organization that will not fair well in the playoffs. This is a strange turn of events after the amazing first few months the team had. If not for the run early on in the season, there is a good chance that Ottawa might not even be in a playoff spot at this point.

I think that goaltending is a major issue but there is something else going on with the team. Something is just not right and it is apparent on the ice. It seems as if the Senators are lacking in the leadership department. They are an extremely talented team and really should be playing better than they are. On Saturday the Senators pulled out a win against the Penguins but that is the only glimmer of hope I’ve seen lately from the Senators. Not to mention, the goaltending was mediocre at best on Saturday and last night Gerber had a couple of close calls with pucks trickling through some part of his body and inching towards the goal line.

Last night Brain Murray was upset by some of the calls that were being made by the officials and he should have been upset. However, everyone gets unfair calls made against them. As fans, players and coaches we all know that there are penalties called that really should not be on a regular basis. You have to play above that. You can not take penalties as the coach when your team is down in a game. Control yourself and let them have a chance to comeback. Taking one penalty is bad but getting a second penalty is really putting the team in a hole.

The Anaheim Ducks are a dominant team and they have an excellent shot at a second Stanley Cup. They seem to be able to adjust and play the type of game that is necessary based on the team they are competing against. But some teams do put up a darn good fight. I watched the Ducks play the Flames Friday night and even though the Flames lost, they had a chance. At no point in the game was I ready to flip to another station because the Ducks were so dominant. Calgary rose to the occasion and played until the last horn. I thought that Ottawa was in the game at times but there were times when Anaheim totally held Ottawa at bay.

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