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January 15, 2011

Ottawa Fires Head Coach John Paddock

I have got to wonder whether or not the Ottawa Senators have declared Ray Emery as victor in the battle he raged against his own team. First of all, I have to wonder why Ray Emery brought such an attitude with him into this season. Okay, he was impressive in the playoffs last year and I enjoyed watching him made all of those impressive saves and I think it was really unfortunate that he was injured. I also think that he has potential and could be a very good goaltender but if he continues to be selfish he will never be the guy that gets the nod the majority of the time.

Ray Emery has driven a wedge in the spirit of his team. Of course the entire team is responsible for playing and winning games but the morale of the team can be ruined by one person. Ottawa started out stellar this season. They were a serious Stanley Cup favorite in the beginning of the season. They almost went the distance last season and seemed to have not missed a beat when this season started. Martin Gerber fantastic and the offense was a no brainer. Now Ottawa is in a huge slump and have been shut out back to back by, first the Leafs and then the Bruins. It is not so much that the Senators are losing it is the fact that they look lethargic and unprepared. The division of the team is obvious.

Martin Gerber was the go to guy earlier in the season and Emery should have been supportive of that. Goaltenders are special members of hockey teams. The two guys that dare to take on the task of tending goal should really stick together. None of the other players on team can really understand what it is like to have the pressure of defending the team’s net as the goaltenders do. Of course, only one of them can play at a time and that does create some competition but at the end of the day, whatever is best for the entire team is what matters. Just because a guy thinks that he should be playing more should not be the determining factor when it comes to who gets the nod.

Over the past few months Ottawa players and management have tried to down play the Ray Emery situation. They said that Emery was not a distraction but the proof was in their play. As Emery continued to grant interviews to the media where he freely admitted being tardy for practice and stating that he was not someone who was on time. Hmmm…I make it on time for my job which keeps me slightly above the poverty line. Ray Emery can’t make it on time for a few millions?

And what has become of the goaltending job that Gerber and Emery were both eager to win? Well, it seems that neither one of them is really in a position to completely take over and carry the team into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Emery was the starting goaltender in the 5-0 lost to the Leafs and Gerber was in net for the 4-0 defeat that the Bruins delivered to them. Both have been lukewarm as of late.

So the solution to this problem was to fire the coach? Yes the Senators have been struggling lately but what type of message does firing Paddock send to the team? Has Ray Emery been declared the winner in the Ottawa Senator saga? Stay tuned to find out!

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