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July 7, 2008

Oscar Pistorius Gets A Chance

Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee but he is also a sprinter. After the IAAF removed a life time ban on him he is now allowed to sprint in the Olympics. He has two prosthetic racing blades that were said to give him an unfair advantage. However, I would think that no matter what Oscar does, he is at a disadvantage and his desire to run anyway is that only advantage he has over others.

The Olympics are supposed to be all about spirit and drive and overcoming every obstacle that has been thrown in your way. The runners are supposed to be determined and full of a hope that is uncommon in the world. I think tat Oscar Pistorius is the very definition of these qualities. He is going to run even though he is missing the bottom part of both legs. The 21 year old is going to get out there on the field and run even though he will get strange looks and people will whisper about him. He is going to run and it does not matte what he looks like, what other think or even if he qualifies for the Olympics.

Oscar will run in Milan, Italy, Rome and Lucerne, Switzerland. He is going to try to make the Olympic team for South Africa even though he knows that he is a long shot. He will need to bring his best time, 46:36 somewhere below 45:55 in the 400 meters to be in contention. I hope that he is able to do that. It would be wonderful to see a guy like that make it to the Olympics.

Oscar Pistorius was born with a congenital defect that required that his legs be amputated halfway between the knee and the ankle when he was 11 months old. That did not stop Oscar from playing water polo, tennis and rugby. He began running in 2004 and has apparently fallen in love with the sport. All of this nonsense about him having an unfair advantage because of the prosthetics he has to use is just plain silly. He deserves a chance to fulfill his dreams and go as far as he has to power to go. Judging by what he has already proven, he has endless potential.

On top of running and working hard to make the Olympic team, Pistorius is also studying for degrees in business management and sports medicine. If people are searching for heroes, here is one right here. He is not disabled at all by the fact that he does not have legs, he is enabled by his attitude. There are many people with all of their limbs that don’t have half of the spirit that this young man has. Hopefully we will see him in the Olympics this summer. Seeing as the games have already been marred by so protests, it would be nice to see a wonderful story like the one Pistorius has to tell in the Olympics. Let’s all root for Pistorius, no matter where our homelands are.

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