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July 22, 2008

One British Hostage In Iraq Is Dead

Of the five British hostages that was taken hostage last year has committed suicide. A video tape with a note identified the hostage as Jason and showed a picture of a hostage in a football t-shirt. He apparently died on May 25th, just a few days before the year anniversary of the abduction.

The video tape was apparently delivered in Baghdad last week according to a newspaper in London. The reports of the hostage’s death has not been confirmed by the British government. A foreign office spokeswoman said that verification could not be made of the man’s death. A humanitarian appeal for the release of the hostages was made again. However, the hostages have been in custody for a year now with no mention of being released.

The video that was received was titled “Intihar” which means suicide. The photograph that opens up the video is a picture of the hostage. A statement that was signed by “the Shiite Islamic Resistance in Iraq” was also shown on the screen. The statement that was put in the newspaper was placing blame on the British government for the hostage’s alleged death. The group said that the British government has caused the suicide because of their feet dragging. The hostage killed himself because of psychological deterioration due to the fact the British government has not met their demands.

It seems that the real reason why this hostage, Jason is dead is because the group was holding him hostage. If he was not in their custody odds are he would not be psychological deteriorating. Of course, the British government has refused to negotiate with the group. This too is a failure. These people are British citizens and it seems like their country owes them something. At least hear the demands of the group and see what they want.

The very weak Prime Minister of Britain said that there are many people working behind the scenes on this case. However, it seems that no contact has been made in terms of finding out what demands are being made. The prime minister really owes these people a little bit more than this. Being this stubborn and refusing the pay any attention to what this group wants, terrorist group or not, is not getting the situation resolved any faster.

Again, this is another instance of the war in Iraq being out of control. How many people re going to have to die before all of this is over. It is sickening to turn on the news and hear reports like this. A man ahs killed himself because he was being held captive. The people that were holding him captive were trying to get at the British government. It seems that without kidnapping someone from the British government, kidnapping would not make much of a difference.

What will become of this poor man’s body? Will his family not even get that to soothe their sorrows? This is another terrible situation brought to us by this idiotic war in Iraq.

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