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January 7, 2011

Old Time Classics – Children and Television

Whatever happened to the good old days? When movies and television shows had good morals? Nowadays children are lucky to get much out of watching television unless they are about 4 years and younger. I can remember back when I was a child television shows were geared towards all ages. Shows like “Reading Rainbow” staring Lavar Burton from the hit television show “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Reading Rainbow was a show designed to teach children the fun in reading books and how this can open a world of imagination that only books can offer. Even “Eureka’s Castle” Taught children many things, such as counting, numbers, and even good morals like manners, and being a good friend.

Shows of today’s style like “Blues Clues” and “Dora the Explorer” are wonderful shows if the child is below the age of 4. After that the show doesn’t teach children things that they don’t already know. Most of these shows only teach phonics, letters, numbers, opposites, shapes, and object recognition. Once the child has turned 4 or even sometimes 3 the child is more apt to watch shows like “Sponge Bob”, and “The Fairly Odd Parents”, which as funny as these shows may be, they teach the child more “adult” like content. Some of these shows i believe should have ratings. It’s my belief that these shows are geared toward children 10 and up. Whatever happened to the shows that held well for the in between ages from 4-10?

Even Movies these days have changed so much. Back in the “Hay Day” of Disney they showed children classical music with “Fantasia”. Now The Movies from both Disney and Pixar are filled with nonsense and again “Adult” contents. Such as Pixars “Shrek” Which go as far as to imply drug use, and even violence. Even Disney movies such as “Pirates of The Caribbean”, and National Treasurer, i believe shouldn’t Have even been a Disney movie. How can you call it a Disney movie if children of all ages can’t watch it?

Now yes i do agree that it is the parent’s obligation to monitor what their children watch, however, I do believe that the film industry as well as television stations are making this even harder for the average parent. Children at ages 4-up often have the ability to change television stations, or “pop” in a movie on their own. If a parent is per say making dinner, the child changes the channel, and is now instead of watching an educational program is now watching something completely inappropriate and not age appropriate. The only thing parents have to fight against this is parental controls, but even that can be broken by a child if the child knows the pin or figures it out. It is also a true pain for most parents to have to set a parental control for channels that do not display children shows. The parental controls also do not help in the instance of a channel like “Nickelodeon”, because from a certain hour in the morning to a certain hour in the early afternoon it is “Nick Jr.” which holds age appropriate shows, however after it changes to “Nickelodeon” the shows are geared towards school aged children. If the parent blocks this channel they block Nick Jr. as well.

Some Stations Such as Pbs and Nickelodeon, have a 12-24 hour a day channel Nickelodeon has Noggin and PBS is PBS Sprout. As these channels are very helpful for parents they are not as accessible, as these stations are neither on regular television channels nor basic cable. In order for the parent to access the channels they must pay for at least Basic-Extended cable. It is my belief that television stations and the movie industry seriously need to change i believe that this early influence in our children can stimulate not only laziness, but aggression, and possible behavioral issues later in life.

Written by: Shanna Leigh Berry

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  1. stepbystep | Feb 9, 2008 | Reply

    I love Reading Rainbow. I am a kindergarten teacher who watches most episodes with my students daily.

    I have a parent who objects to the show.

    I am searching blogs for a reason why anyone would find the show objectionable. Can’t find one, but parent will probably win.

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