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Freelance writing for my site help me to help you:

Hello everyone, I am the blog site owner and looking for some reliable writers. If you love writing and want others to read look no further. I get close to 1500 visitors right now per day. It will increase if you write on my blog. You can write about anything except adult or illegal stuff.

Of course it is free. You don’t have to worry about setting up web or hosting or even managing a blog. I will take care of that. All I want from you is your unique writings. If you like politics – tell us what you think about politics around the world. If you like entertainment – share your thoughts about celebrities or any shows you like or dislike. If you like TV shows – tell us what to watch, if you like movies – give us reviews. If you like technology – tell us what to look for in that next year from Apple or Microsoft. If you have a recipe you want to share with the world, share it on here. If you have a secret talent – share that with the world, if you love gardening – tell us what to plant next year. You can talk about anything.

Writing for my blog will also help you create your own portfolio. If you want to be a professional writer and want to put in your work on the resume I think a professional name such as will assist you along the way.

Contact us for more details or visit the site for more information. You can also read about some of the policies we put in place for this by clicking on the the link here.

Writers wanted:

If you like to write and have spare time and want to earn extra cash, please write for this site. I am willing to pay on a per eligible post basis. If you are a freelance writer, or have a passion for writing, or just stay home worker, just write. You can write about anything. However no sexually explicit contents. You can talk about politics, movies, tv shows, your favorite actor or actress, or just any products you used. Just contact me if you have any questions. Price is negotiable.

Link/BlogRoll Exchange: As you all know it is very hard to get a good ranking if you are starting new. So my offer to anyone out there: “Lets Exchange Links for Free.” We both can exchange links along with no more than 300 character description for up to 12 months. If we both like it, we can keep it or come to a mutual agreement and go from there. Contact me if you are interested. Just fill in the form on the sidebar. I think I am a nice guy! I won’t let your email sit in my inbox forever; you will get a reply for sure. Doesn’t matter what the traffic flow is at the moment, we both are staring new.

I am going to create a page called Link Exchange and put your link on there. Or I can add you on the BlogRoll as well.

Advertising link: If anyone wants to advertise on the site send me what you want to put up there under a page called Advertisements, and we will go from there. The page is not there yet. Again, you will get a reply as soon as I could go over your email. It will be totally free for at least 5 months to 12 months.

Link on a Post: If you are interested I am willing to write a post about your blog and put your link on my web. You have to send me the details what you want on there. However I keep the right to publish it or not! But thought that might be something interesting for some people out there.

Review: If you want to review any of the posts on my blog, please send me an email with constructive review, of the post and I will make sure it gets posted. I will not change anything, it will get put as is.

Ideas: I am always open for ideas; send me your thoughts about promoting the site and I am here to listen. I have read and learned a lot about websites and it’s really dog eat dog world out there. People are very nice and very helpful. I am going with that thought. Hoping to hear from everyone.


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