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August 16, 2011

Obama Just A few Delegates Away From Nomination

The bitter democratic battle that has rage on throughout the past few months may be coming to an end very soon. 2,118 delegates are needed to clinch the nomination and Obama currently has 2,112. It is likely that by the end of the night Obama may have clinched the democratic nomination making him the first black man in the United States to ever be a presidential nomination.

Obama, who will likely be the representative of the democratic party is a very unique candidate. He is bi-racial, one of his parents was born in Africa and his mother was allegedly an atheist. His name has caused a stir throughout some circles and there has been speculation about his religious background. His name Barack Obama, has caused many to think that he is a Muslim even though he has stated that he is not.

What will it mean for a black to be in the presidential race? The United States is a country that has not quite figured out how to navigate race. There is an uneasy tension in many parts of the country where race is still seen as the most defining factor of a person’ character. What will Obama mean to the people that exist in such circles? Will there be a hesitation among some to vote for Obama just because he is black? Unfortunately, it s likely that there will be some voters that even switch parties in order to avoid voting from Obama.

Will the democratic party be able to recover from the long draw out fight between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama? That is something that many people are torn on. While there are a few that enjoy the smack down that the two potential candidates have put down on one another, the road has been too bloody for some. Independent voters have begun to pop up in areas of the United States that were strictly red of blue in the past. There is a great sense amongst citizens that this election is vital to the future of the country.

After the debacle that was George W. Bush, many voters are paying attention to politics in a way that they had not done before. There is an intense desire to truly understand the issues and get to know the candidates. If Obama hopes to have a chance at winning he will have to smooth over the outrage of his former pastor’s comments about the United States and downplay a few comments made by his wife. If Obama can lay these concerns to rest, he will have a real chance of coming out the winner of the election.

Obama’s potential opponent John McCain seems to be lacking a clear cut campaign strategy. McCain is lukewarm and does not seem to have the power that a candidate needs to win the election. It is this laid back manner and calmness that Obama will need to take advantage of. Up until now McCain has largely gone untouched because the democratic party was bickering between one another.

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  1. Pamela | Sep 3, 2011 | Reply

    On August 16, 2011 Obama just a few delegates away from nomination???? REALLY? What ancient archive did you pull this from?

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