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February 16, 2011

Obama Back Peddles To Fend Off Fall Out From Controversial Pastor

What is the worst thing that can happen to a guy running for president in the United States? Have his controversial pastor’s sermons revealed and his racial and religious affiliations questioned. In the United States there are two things that matter more than anything else when it comes to judging someone’s character. Those two things are race and religion. Barack Obama did something extraordinary when he found a way to win over some non-black supporters. This is a feat that I honestly did not think could be accomplished and generally I am an optimist, but I did not have that much faith in the general population of the U.S. Well, he did it and I was impressed and happy to see that there was presidential race that had three strong candidates from totally different backgrounds. Like I’ve stated before, I would happy to have Clinton, Obama or McCain as president so no matter what happens, things will be much better than they are now.

Unfortunately, a man that was suppose to be close to Obama is working hard to destroy the his campaign. Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been all over the news lately, a few weeks after the news of his controversial sermons appeared. So, there was the calm, cool and collective interview that he did with a major network where he looked like a harmless, meek grandfather. Then there are images of him speaking out about his sermons at two different speaking engagements where he once again becomes the fiery preacher that is shown in the clips of his sermons. Suddenly Wright is everywhere speaking, talking about his relationship with Obama and generally, keeping himself in the public eye.

Obama did not initially put major distance between himself and his former pastor. Instead he just told the public that he did not agree with everything that Wright said. Now it is getting to the point where Obama must distance himself from Wright completely to remain a forerunner in the presidential race. Of course, we should be judging Obama on what he says and does, not the actions and words of someone else but some people are not doing that.

Unfortunately the way that things are going, looks like Obama is going to have to enter into a non direct war of words with Wright. He is going to have to come out and make a statement to denounce the things that Wright has to say when he is out and about in the world. It seems to me that if Wright really cared about Obama he would just fade away into the sunset. I mean, a couple of months ago Wright was not in the news constantly so why is that the case now? I think that the pastor may be enjoying the limelight a little too much and is keeping the controversy so that he can continue to get his message out into the world. Wright is putting Obama in a very difficult position. Originally Obama and Wright expressed that they were close to one another and Obama respected and appreciated Wright’s point of view. Now Obama is going to have to tell the public that none of that is true, making him lose credibility.

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