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October 18, 2008

Nuvaring: Bad Birth Control Option

Over the past few years a new kind of hormonal birth control has been released to the general public. Third generation hormonal birth control as it is call is includes the Nuvaring contraception ring. The birth control patch is another form of third generation birth control. These birth control devices are used for three continuous weeks and emit hormones into the body.

The Nuvaring ring is inserted vaginally and remains there for three weeks. It is billed as a low dosage birth control method and pushed by organizations like Planned Parenthood and gynecologist offices that get kick backs from the sale of Nuvaring. However, what the doctors are not telling people is that the risk of blood cots is twice as likely as it is when you take traditional birth control pills. Nuvaring can cause venous blood clots which are especially deadly. It is true that all hormonal birth control has a risk for blood clots but the Nuvaring increases that risk greatly. Users are not being informed of this increased risk and are only being told that it is believed that Nuvaring has similar effects as other hormonal birth control.

There have been several reported cases of strokes and blood clots by users of Nuvaring. A man in New Jersey is suing the maker of Nuvaring because his wife died of a blood clot the moved from her pelvis to her heart. She was 32 years old and healthy. The only thing that she was doing differently was using Nuvaring. Another young, healthy woman died three weeks after starting Nuvaring on a treadmill. Other women have experienced blood clots that have been caught and treated or strokes that have left them with serious medical trauma.

In addition to increased risk of blood clots, there are also other side effects to consider. Depression and mood swings are always possible when hormones are altered. However, the mood swings with Nuvaring seem to be pretty severe. There are loads of forums on the Internet where women are writing about extreme mood swings. Take the time to find out what women are saying about using Nuvaring. While the Internet is not always a reliable source for information, it can provide you with information that can help you make an informed decision. Finding out what users have to say about Nuvaring is a good idea before you take a chance and use it.

Class action lawsuits are being put together by lawyers to represent users of Nuvaring that have been harmed by the product. It is very important that women are aware of the increased risks that are associated with this birth control. Do not depend on your doctors to tell you everything. They often have a separate agenda or are completely confident that the medical community only produces good products. Be aware that there are other, safer hormonal birth control products on the market and non-hormonal birth control, such as the Inter-uterine Device (most popular ad cheapest form of birth control on the planet) available. Choose your birth control carefully.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Frances | Oct 22, 2008 | Reply

    Ms. Watson,

    Several things you state in this article as fact seem to be untrue or taken out of context. Would you please cite the evidence for your claims and list your qualifications for providing medical information?


  2. Jade | Aug 6, 2009 | Reply

    the lady or poor excuse for a woman has no idea what she is talking about. when i was 14 yrs old i got blood clots in my BRAIN and i was very close to death due to this nuva ring. it is wrong and terrible to sell this product and to keep selling this product after so many injuries and deaths.

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