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May 3, 2008

The Scoop On NutriSystem

People often wonder if NutriSystem works or not. The short answer is yes. If you purchase the NutriSystem food and follow the plan you will lose weight. The long answer is no, because you can not stay on NutriSystem for the rest of your life so whether or not it works kind of depends on how your definition of weight loss success.

NutriSystem is a food based program that has been around for over 35 years and many people have lost weight using it. Originally customers went into centers and received face to face counseling sessions and bought their food. Now there are no NutriSystem centers and the company has online and telephone counseling available, saving the company money and allowing them to cut down on the price of food.

NutriSystem has several different programs for people to choose from. They have meal plans for women, men, vegetarians and diabetics. You can choose the food items that you would like but no matter what choices you make you will be getting items that have Splenda and Sunett in them. The sodium content of NutriSystem food is 1,800 on average but you could get it lower depending on which items you choose.

NutriSystem food is shelf stable, meaning that it dos not have to be refrigerated or frozen., which is why they can ship it to you. Of course, whenever things do not have to be frozen or refrigerated has a good deal of preservatives in it. If you enjoying eating fresh cooked food you may have some issues using NutriSystem.

There are mixed reviews on the taste of the NutriSystem food. Some people find it delicious while others find that they are not too keen on what I’ve heard called, “astronaut food”. I had a friend who tired NutriSystem and he tried to give away all of his food for free. I tried an entrée which was okay but I don’t’ like microwave food that much so I did not take the abundant supply he was giving away.

There are some meal options that come in powder form and have to be mixed with water. One example of a food that must be mixed together with water is scrambled eggs. This can be a little bit of a turn off for many people.

If you are looking for weight loss NutriSystem will give you that. There will be counselors you can call or talk to online that will try to help you reform your eating patterns. However, you must embrace that knowledge and make lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. If you return to your old ways once you stop eating NutriSystem food you will find yourself in need of another diet plan after a while.

The thing to remember about diets is that they are temporary and the weight that is lost using them is often temporary as well. Lifestyle changes are necessary for real weight loss. If you are searching for a way to jump start your weight loss NutriSystem will give you that boost. You will need to change life patterns if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

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