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July 11, 2008

No Chance Lottery Tickets Surprise Some People

I have always thought that those scratch off lottery tickets were so incredibly fake. People buy them and win one or two dollars now and then. However, most of the time there is no prize waiting on the other side of those cards. Well, it turns out that there is a very good reason for that. People are not scratching off the million dollar prizes on some of those cards because they have already been awarded.

The state of Virginia is the place where players are not blatantly aware of the fact that when they buy those scratch of lottery tickets, they have no chance of winning the big prize. Players say that this makes a huge difference in whether or not they are going to play a game or not. Winning millions of dollars being a long shot, but still possible is the intrigue and motivation for playing these lottery games. Having no chance of winning is a completely different thing, players say.

The state of Virginia is not alone in this. There is evidence that as many as half of the states that have lotteries play by these same rules. That means about 21 states allow lottery tickets to be sold that do not have the main prize available. The defense is that there are still prize available for some of these games and that is why the tickets are still sold. However, is anyone really playing these games to win a dollar or two? I think not.

I have played the lottery once in my life. It was one of those things that I tried out and saw that it was not worth my time. The odds of me winning were awful and I had to pay for each ticket I bought. That means that the money I was spending was just lost if I did not win, which, I did not win. So I decided that I would not put my money towards the lottery anymore. Instead I would save the money that I spent on lottery tickets and work with the money I had. Of course winning a few millions would be good but if I continued to put five bucks per ticket towards winning those millions, and never won them, that would be quite a waste.

While it is wrong for lotteries to still sell the tickets that do not have huge prizes waiting for them, people don’t have to play them. It is false advertisement in a way but most lotteries say that you could win up to whatever amount. If you don’t win the highest amount or anything at all, is it wrong? Well, technically yes and the lotteries will be sued and they should be. However, I think that those of us that buy those silly little lottery scratch off tickets should reconsider what we are doing as well. I don’t care for lotteries at all but if I am going to play it, it won’t be the little scratch off cards. Might as well go for the big money if you are going to buy a ticket.

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