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June 27, 2008

Nightclub Raid in Mexico City Turns Fatal

A stampede resulted from a police raid at a nightclub in Mexico City. Some of those trampled were as young as 13. Now the mayor of Mexico City is saying that there were many errors made and has suspended some of the police officers.

Three of the twelve people that were trampled were police officers. Young children were apparently at the club in a rather high number. At least one 13 year old girl, 16 year old girl, 14 year old boy and three 18 year old boys were among those that were trampled to death. The report that underage patrons were there was obviously true.

Police blocked the one emergency exit leaving only the main entrance as a way out. The customers panicked and tried to break windows and pour out of the club. 39 people were arrested with the club owner being one of them. He is being accused of inciting the stampede and not having enough emergency exits available. The owner allegedly announced the raid on a microphone, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Over 500 people were in the club at the time of the raid.

The police are said to have used tear gas in the raid but the Joel Ortega, the secretary of public security denies that claim. However, the mayor of Mexico City admits that there were serious errors made when police went in to raid the club.

Who allows 13 year olds into a club? Who was this person that owned the club? How as the club allowed to remain open with one emergency exit? That seems like some type of building code violation. Not to mention, even though there were 500 people in the club, there were more waiting to be admitted. I get the feeling that this was not the first night that the club was open. I am curious about how long the club has been in operation and why it had not been closed down before?

As a patron of this club, I wonder exactly what runs through your mind when you hear there is a raid. Obvious panic occurred in the crowd which probably was full of alcohol and possibly other drugs. If there are a couple of children dead, I assume that there were probably several young children in attendance. Meaning that many of the patrons realized that they would be facing some type of charges for being in the club. Perhaps that is why they scurried the way that they did.

Would it have been more productive for the police to wait right outside of the emergency exit than block it? Who knows. I guess that I can see some fault on the policemen’s part but really, at the end of the day they were doing their job. The bulk of the fault has got to lie with the club owner and the people that were in the club. Really, if you know that you are in the wrong, you might as well just stand there and wait to be arrested. Some small crime has been committed, yes but it is not worth you dying for. Pay your dues for the mistakes you have made instead of running. I feel bad for those that were trampled but I think that as everyday citizens, we need to responsible for our actions.

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